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Apr 22, 2014


He looked over his emails.  Nothing from Joe today.  Shoot.  Now he’d have to come up with some other reason to walk over to that section of the building.  He scanned his desk.  Spying a stack of reports on the corner – his heart took a little leap.  Perfect.  He grabbed them and set off, smoothing his hair a bit on the way.  “Hey Joe,” he said, leaning over the cubicle wall “I just wanted to return these reports I borrowed from you.”  Joe didn’t even look up from his desk as he mumbled a ‘thanks’.  Mike didn’t care.  He was busy flashing his best smile at Megan in the cubicle next door.  She smiled back, and nervously ducked back under the cubicle wall.  As he strode away, he wondered how he would ever turn the smiles and small talk he’d managed so far into a date.  

A week later, he was prepping for a meeting and Joe leaned over.   Under his breath, “Javier asked out Megan.”  Mike looked up at him a little startled.  Joe scoffed.  “Dude, I know why you come by my desk so much.  Ask her out, before it’s too late.”  That afternoon, he put on his best smile and went to chat with Joe again.  A conversation struck up between the three of them and Megan mentioned her car was in the shop.  He saw an in and leapt.  “I’ll give you a ride home!”  he offered, maybe a bit too eagerly.  

What seemed like a heartbeat later, they were driving home again.  He looked at her in the seat next to him and smiled.  An engagement ring glinted on her finger in the sunlight, and they were headed to their home, together. 


When Megan and Mike asked me to come up to Stephenson, Michigan for their engagement session, I was intrigued.  Several members of Mike’s family own property in this idyllic little town in the U.P. where his Dad grew up, and Megan and Mike have spent many a weekend up there – falling in love with each other, and the beauty around them.  Wading thru rivers, playing with abandoned canoes, and hiking thru the pine forests, it was clear that Mike and Megan both feel so connected to this place, and I was glad to get this glimpse of them.

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