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Mar 30, 2011

An Iowa girl and a New Jersey boy walked hand-in-hand through Central Park, headed to a Kentucky Derby party.  It was the kind of combination that makes you lean in closer for more details.  But in a city of millions of transports, this combination was just likely as any other you could come up with.  Just as likely as that Iowa girl having a career in fashion.  Just as likely as his cousin and her sister somehow knowing each other and setting them up.  The Iowa girl and the New Jersey boy came up on the Alice in Wonderland statue in the park, a favorite of hers.  It was swarming with kids and families and so he lead them on.  She wondered why they were taking so long walking thru the park.  This wasn’t the most direct route to their Derby party.  He wondered if she could feel his heart slamming against the walls of his chest as he frantically re-calculated his plan.  They were reaching the edge of the park, he was running out of opportunities, and time.  The Jersey boy asked the Iowa girl to have a seat on a bench just at the corner of the park.  She did, and then she laughed.  “I thought we were going to the party.  Don’t we have to get going?” she looked confused and pushed up her sleeve to check her watch “We’re going to be la..”  he grabbed her hand.  “We are, but I have a question for your first.”  And just like that, the Iowa girl and the Jersey boy were engaged to be married, in a city of a million combinations.

Ashley & Tom gave me a wonderful tour of their neighborhoods – past, present, and favorite.  They have a real insider’s love of New York City – easily navigating to all the best spots, including a charming Pommes Frites shop.  Engagements in New York City in the fall?  With an awesome couple?  Yes please, sign me up again!  Weddings in Iowa?  You bet – I can’t wait!

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  1. Craig Jacks says:

    Nice work. I like the way the colors of his shirt and her boots compliment the backgrounds. …and, I especially like your ‘heading collage’. Very cool.

  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful images Molly!!! The last one is amaaazZING – with extra zing!

  3. NICE! You get to go to all the good places…

  4. Ashley Jones says:

    Molly- Thanks so much for an awesome shoot! I’m so happy to have documentation of all our fav spots in the city. You are amazing!!

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