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Apr 7, 2014

It’s been awhile dear blog!


Despite a brief snowfall last week, now it is sunny, a tad warm, and Baby Girl and I even saw tulips finally popping up in the yard yesterday!  Spring may actually be here.

Things have been looking up around here lately, and with just six weeks to go before my season kicks into full-gear, I’m buckling down to get my lengthy off-season to-do list checked off.  So much left to do!

The first thing you’ll notice is an update to the website – hopefully coming in a few days.

We took Baby Girl to Opening Day last week for her first time.  She’s been to scores of Brewer’s games, but not an Opening Day.  We had a blast!  Yeah, we got a few side-eyes for having a toddler at what is largely a drunk fest.  But, we didn’t tailgate (just stopped by my Brother to say hi), and we had tickets on the very calm and manageable Club Level.  So, it was actually no big deal, and plenty of fun!

(I haven’t edited the pics from that day yet, so you’ll have to check out my instagram for any peek at it!)

The Badgers winning streak came to an end on Saturday.  Wonk, wonk.  It was a great game though, and well played.  In my totally un-educated-in-basketball opinion – it all seemed to come down to who got lucky with timing and shots, not necessarily who was best.  As Dr. Seuss says:  Be grateful it happened, not sad it is over.  GO BUCKY!

We have just two episodes of House of Cards left.  So sad to see it come to an end….binge watching is awesome.  But then you get so wrapped up in the stories and they abruptly leave your life.

In other tv news, the long-awaited end to How I Met Your Mother happened last week.  We’ve watched the show from the beginning, but Hubby is a far bigger fan than I am.  I was pretty annoyed with this whole last season.  I mean, how can we spend 16 episodes on one little wedding?  And who has a destination wedding, but then gets married on a Sunday?  It just didn’t add up.  But I was okay with the ending for the most part.  Hubby was disappointed.  I thought it all worked, except it sort of glazed over the love that Ted obviously had for Tracy.  Where do you weigh in?

I hit up the Just Between Friends sale on Saturday.  This sale is my little secret to Baby Girl’s wardrobe.  It’s clean, well-organized, and 90% of what I buy each time is new, or like new.  As a bonus, there is such a variety, and we get some things that are more unique.  And you really can’t beat this sale for toys, outdoor items and basic care items.  It’s going on all this week, check it out!

I tried out a Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe by my friend Melissa last week, and I have to say – it changed my life.  So, So, SO good!  Seriously.  Not vegetable=y tasting, just crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside and so crazy good.  It’s this recipe, if you want to give it a shot.  We did change it by adding a cup of flour and two eggs instead of one.

We went to visit my assistant Ashley a couple of weeks ago, and get a few pics of her new little guy and the new family.  I can’t describe the joy in seeing her and Eric as parents!  Baby Girl got to come along since she knows Ashley.  She had never been on assignment with me before, and she was so sweet!  She read us books, and tried to be the baby whisperer for the little guy, speaking the softest, sweetest voice to him.   Now, she lines up her animals on the couch and takes their pictures with her toy camera.  So stinkin’ cute!

Here’s a couple of shots of her in action that day:




Have a great week!

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