Madison Engagement | Ryan & Dana


Aug 22, 2016

They were four goofball college guys.  Dressed up like their fathers might have looked back in the day – short shorts, Burt Reynolds style mustaches, tall knee socks, pale legs.  Their goofing-off was part of their school spirit and a fun way to blow-off steam on game day.   She had spotted them last week, and found their little routine endearing.  So this Saturday she was on the lookout.  She turned a corner and she heard them cheering.  She pulled her friend closer to her, partly hiding behind her and grabbed her phone.  She lined up the cutest one on the screen, waited for the camera phone to focus.  “Hey!  Pictures have a price!”  She looked up.  He had caught her.  His smile was teasing, impish.  She smiled back.  “What’s the price?” she countered.  “A date.” he stated.  “Done.” she said, snapping her picture.  

If you are wondering how such an encounter has led to a wedding day….I can’t tell the story any better than this video.  Enjoy!

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