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Sep 23, 2013


He glanced down the hall.  She was here again today.  Rushing in, as usual.  Ushering her son along, hanging up his backpack while simultaneously opening the classroom door.  He smiled to himself and chucked a bit.  He had always had a talent for being five minutes late, no matter how early he set his alarm.  It seemed she was the same.  They passed in the hallway or the parking lot most mornings, both running the morning race.  His favorite mornings where when she smiled at him with her wide smile, eyes sparkling.  Driving to work, he concocted a plan to meet her.  David’s birthday was coming up, and he would make sure that Daniel was on the guest list, preferably with his Mom. 

It’s a good story, how Jamie and David met.  I don’t think anyone meets their children and thinks it will be this little being who leads you to your soulmate.  But that is exactly what happened when fate used little David and Daniel to introduce their parents.  And now the boys have a new brother and best friend, a new baby sister, and a new family.  It isn’t every weekend that I get to photograph a family being solidified as well as a couple.  I’m so looking forward to seeing this little family, already formed in their hearts – make it official in October!

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