Door County Orchard Wedding | Rachael & Jesse


Aug 6, 2013


She came bursting thru the front door, her face lit up, smudges from the goat farm on her jeans and an air of mischief preceeding her into the room.  “What if, at the end of the shoot, we actually got married?!?”  Angie was struck speechless.  A slow smile spread across her face.  “You mean he asked?”  The joy bubbled up in her, overflowing into the smile she was trying to suppress   “Yes!  And we were thinking, what better time and place to be married than at the end of the wedding shoot you are planning?”  Angie caught the mischief and within minutes secret plans were brewing.

And that is how the editorial shoot my Door County wedding vendor friends and I were planning suddenly turned into a real wedding.  Our models, the sassy Rachael and renaissance man Jesse – weren’t just going to pretend to be married – once we were done with our shoot; it was really going to happen.

The whole day was serendipity defined.  The editorial shoot ebbed and flowed, rising and falling with creative and manic energy, as such things often do.  And then, a whirlwind took hold of us all, carloads of gatsby-styled guests descended on Angie’s farm, the light hung low and golden among the blooming cherry orchard, and a beaming Rachael was walking down the aisle towards a giddy (but hiding it) Jesse.  The energy, the love, the beauty, was infectious.  It was like waking up in a movie and having the ability to stay asleep and enjoy the dream while simultaneously looking around and taking it all in.

Simple, gorgeous and inspired.

door_county_orchard_wedding-5 door_county_orchard_wedding-6




The sweet little goat above was a guest at the wedding too, and came right from Jesse & Racheal’s goat farm.



door_county_orchard_wedding-4 door_county_orchard_wedding-7

Bowties, chickens (who laid an egg during the ceremony!), wool textures, vintage floral cups, chicken coops, hay bale seating, a smoky-voiced singer (who sang “Bang Bang” for Rachael’s entrance), and a lavender exit shower….so many sweet and personal details were in place for this ceremony.




door_county_orchard_wedding_-3door_county_orchard_wedding_-2 door_county_orchard_wedding_-4






door_county_orchard_wedding_5 door_county_orchard_wedding-13 door_county_orchard_wedding-14


door_county_orchard_wedding-16door_county_orchard_wedding_-9door_county_orchard_wedding-17 door_county_orchard_wedding-18 door_county_orchard_wedding-19

door_county_orchard_wedding_-10 door_county_orchard_wedding_-11 door_county_orchard_wedding_-12

door_county_orchard_wedding_7 door_county_orchard_wedding_8 door_county_orchard_wedding_-13 door_county_orchard_wedding_-14 door_county_orchard_wedding-20

door_county_orchard_wedding_10door_county_orchard_wedding-21 door_county_orchard_wedding-22


door_county_orchard_wedding_9door_county_orchard_wedding-24 door_county_orchard_wedding-25


Styling and Coordination: Viva & Co. 

Florals: Flora

Hair & Makeup: Hair by Kari

Hand-painted Signage: Claire Erickson

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN


***There is MORE, so much MORE from this shoot that wasn’t part of the real wedding – stay tuned for more on that and a totally different look for some of these elements that the two events shared.***



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