Winter Engagement Session | Kristin & Kyle


Jun 8, 2017

The snow crunched under their feet.  He swung her arm a bit and they continued along the trail.  It was a lovely way to start the day; hiking the Oak Leaf trail surrounded by the last snow of the season.  She knew she’d appreciate the extra Kyle time later that day at work, but right now she was a little peeved.  Last night he had taken her out to the site of their first date, then out to the bar.  She thought for sure he was going to propose, but then nothing.  Even this little walk was her idea, she’d mentioned it weeks ago.  So this couldn’t possibly be the moment.  They rounded the bend, heading into the sunrise.  He squeezed her hands a few yards later, suggested they stop to watch the sun come up over the hill.  She snuggled into his arms, breathing in that scent that was so signature to him.  He started to talk about how much fun they have, how much he enjoyed being with her.  ‘How sweet!’ she thought.  The sun broke over the treetops, warming her face.  Kyle moved quickly, down onto one knee and asking a question.  Kristin just cried happy tears.  


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