Winter Engagement Session | Kelsey & Dan


Mar 8, 2017

He fidgeted in the pew, trying to find a comfortable position.  His bible slipped off his lap onto the floor and he leaned over to retrieve it.  It was just beyond his fingertips and he stretched a little farther. Just as he got a grasp on it, a beautiful song started to fill the air.  He looked up to see who it was.  A girl he hadn’t seen before, with long brown hair and a clear command of her spirit, was leading worship.  He sat there, a bit in awe for a moment, taking in her song, the sound of her voice.  The last chord on the keyboard brought a half-embarrassed smile to her face and he noticed she looked up towards him briefly.  A feeling washed over him.  This was his wife.  Wait, what?  He looked down, shook his head a bit.  No, that is clearly what had just been whispered in his mind. He looked again at Kelsey.  He sat with the thought a moment, feeling it warm slowly inside his chest. He smiled, and blinked.  Kelsey was standing again, about to sing.  So he set his eyes on her and allowed himself to get caught back up into the service.  Months later, he had asked her on a date, and then another, and she found herself falling despite the reservations of her independent spirit.  She hadn’t really been looking, and that was clear since Dan had been right under he nose and yet somehow completely un-noticed by her.  She wasn’t sure she was ready and so she figured it might be best to put this in someone else’s hands.  So, she started asking for clear, undeniable signs from God.  She requested detailed, specific things – conversations she felt they needed to have, concerns she held deep, worries she was afraid to discuss.  Over and over again, there would be another date with Dan the next day, and much to her surprise and delight, he would bring up these same concerns and lay them bare for examination.  The signs were large, lit in neon and sometimes even blinking.  And so, on a chilly fall day, on a hike, Dan asked the final question, and Kelsey said yes.


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