Whistling Straits Wedding | Jill & Jason


Dec 27, 2013

The words that come to mind first when I remember Jill & Jason’s day: laughter, fun, rain, and smiles.   There is something to be said for never taking yourself too seriously, and I think Jill and Jason have that down to a science.  How else could a rustically elegant wedding at Kohler’s Whistling Straits fit beautifully with Wonder Woman boots?    Yes, I just put those two things in the same sentence.  Never thought you’d see that, did you?  And yet, it worked.  Jason works for DC Comics, and might have a small obsession.  So, groomsmen were treated to character t-shirts (I got a Super Woman shirt too!), and Jill surprised him with a pair of Wonder Woman boots for their first look.  Jill’s wedding dress was chosen mostly for one feature – pockets.  She knew she wanted her cell phone on her all day and it hid the accessory well.  Sounds annoying, right?  Nope.  The newlyweds snapped selfies and other pictures all day with great joy, and it was just part of the wonderful fun happening.  (I wouldn’t feel that way if we were constantly waiting on pictures to be taken or if this practice interrupted any experience of the day – it didn’t – it was part of it.)
Oh, and let’s not forget that on that day in early October – it rained.  But first, the heaviest of fogs rolled in.  I have to say, if you are getting married on a foggy day, let it be at Whistling Straits.  So gorgeous!  As I prepped for the day and worried about the reactions to the weather (though I was secretly thrilled!), I saw tweets from Jill & Jason’s friends that went something like “Heathcliffe and I shall meet you on the misty moors”.  With that, I knew everyone was going to just roll with the weather and embrace whatever happened.  And that is exactly how it went.
I just loved this group.  There are weddings where you wish the wedding party were your own friends, and the families had room for one more.  This would be one of those weddings.whistling_straits_wedding_whistling_straits_wedding_3 whistling_straits_wedding-5whistling_straits_wedding-2whistling_straits_wedding-3 whistling_straits_wedding___-whistling_straits_wedding-14whistling_straits_wedding_8 whistling_straits_wedding-15 whistling_straits_wedding-4whistling_straits_wedding_7whistling_straits_wedding-13whistling_straits_wedding_16whistling_straits_wedding-16whistling_straits_wedding_9whistling_straits_wedding-17 whistling_straits_wedding_10whistling_straits_wedding-18whistling_straits_wedding_13whistling_straits_wedding_14whistling_straits_wedding_11whistling_straits_wedding___-6whistling_straits_wedding_2whistling_straits_wedding_23 whistling_straits_wedding--5whistling_straits_wedding_22 whistling_straits_wedding_21whistling_straits_wedding-9whistling_straits_wedding___-7whistling_straits_wedding-22 whistling_straits_wedding-21 whistling_straits_wedding-19whistling_straits_wedding_12
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Ceremony Venue: Whistling Straits
Bride’s Gown: J.Crew
Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew
Groom’s Suit: Ermenegildo Zegna
Groomsmen Suits: Their own
Any other vendors: Beernsten’s Confectionery, Manitowoc


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