We can choose to Survive.

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Mar 21, 2020

I’ve been trying to figure out what to say. I believe every voice matters.⁠ .⁠

So, here’s my truth:⁠

For the purposes of this blog, I’m a wedding photographer. That’s not exactly an essential service in the current climate. In fact, it’s not even a service that’s allowed to be performed right now, with the restrictions and quarantines.⁠ Weddings are getting postponed. Events are being canceled. Everyone involved with those industries – from the makeup artists to the dinner servers to the planners….everyone, they’ve all gone from 100 to 0, in a matter of hours.⁠ I’ve been super lucky inside of this devastation that I don’t have weddings on the calendar until late summer.⁠

Outside of this account, I own beer gardens with my husband. We’re in the off-season, but we are worried our season won’t start. We have to keep planning, keep hoping, and keep working as if none of this is going on. Our friends in the hospitality industry are in the same boat as those in the wedding and event industry. Suddenly without a business, suddenly closing up shop, squeezing the books to pay their employees and keep everyone going.⁠

More Truth.⁠

In my personal life, I have faced death and survived. More than once. My husband and I, we have weathered storms that no one should have to. We’ve had businesses, livelihoods, functioning parts of our bodies, yanked from us with no notice. And through all of this, we have survived. Correction: We are surviving. Those challenges usually make me feel strong. Because nothing has been harder than any of that.⁠

And neither is this.

You thought I was going to say the opposite, didn’t you? Nope. It doesn’t take long to figure out how your personal experience of all of this could be far worse.⁠

What I’ve learned are two things:⁠

No one survives alone.⁠
And yet, everyone has to make their own choices to survive.⁠

Right now, in everything you do; every post, every comment, every purchase, EVERYTHING…you are choosing survival or not. Right now, those choices matter more than ever.⁠

We can choose each other.⁠
We can choose to survive.⁠

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