Washington Island Wedding | Meghan & Matt


Nov 8, 2013


Sometimes love requires effort.  And sometimes, it’s just the journey to it that seems arduous.  For Meghan and Matt, it is definitely the latter, in so many more metaphorical ways.  The journey to falling in love came thru a year of chasing, and then years of summer weekends spent in the remotest of locations – Washington Island in Door County.  Four hours of driving and a ferry ride transported them to the land of Meghan’s childhood.  A place where she learned to ride her bike, where she shared ice cream with her sisters, spent endless sunsets on the beach with her grandparents, and where, she fell in love with her husband.  The laid-back little island is like a slice of the Wisconsin northwoods sandwiched with a slice of a New England seaside town.   Charming, easy, full of unexpected depth and history, and surrounded by the crystal blue water and sky.  It is more than worth the journey.  Just like Meghan & Matt’s wedding.


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What follows is one of the best first looks I’ve witnessed.  Tucked behind the weathered wood dock barn, Matt waited anxiously for his bride.  Once she revealed herself and they got the oohs and ahhs over the dress, his suit, her shoes, out of the way, they transformed the moment.  Each pulled out hand-written and heartfelt vows and said them to each other, alone, just the two of them, there on the waterfront.  It was beautiful, personal, private, meaningful, and everything marrying your love should be.  I love that they got married in their hearts, right there in that moment. washington_island_wedding-6 washington_island_wedding-7 farm_wedding-X-16 washington_island_wedding-8farm_wedding-X-17 farm_wedding-X-18 farm_wedding-X-19 washington_island_wedding-__6farm_wedding-X-20 washington_island_wedding-4farm_wedding-X-21 washington_island_wedding-__4washington_island_wedding-9farm_wedding-X-22 washington_island_wedding-10

The charming Stella Maris church played host to the Catholic ceremony.  Since the island is so small, just one church does double duty for both Lutherans and Catholics.  farm_wedding-X-10 farm_wedding-X-12farm_wedding-X-23 washington_island_wedding-11 washington_island_wedding-12washington_island_wedding-13farm_wedding-X-24 washington_island_wedding-14 washington_island_wedding-__5farm_wedding-X-25washington_island_wedding-15 farm_wedding-X-2washington_island_wedding-16washington_island_wedding-washington_island_wedding-__7washington_island_wedding-17washington_island_wedding-_ washington_island_wedding-19washington_island_wedding-_2 washington_island_wedding-18 washington_island_wedding-_3 washington_island_wedding-_4 washington_island_wedding-20

You’d think a little island like this wouldn’t have any wedding venues, wouldn’t you?  Not so!  The Historic Island Dairy is a perfect host.  White, dark wood, airy and full of light, and nestled right in a lavender farm – it is a great place to party down come reception time.

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Ceremony: Stella Maris Catholic Parish
Entertainment and Lighting: Spicy Tie Band
Cocktail Hour Music: Dan Hansen
Hair & Makeup: Kari Pudlo (Hair by Kari) and Robyn Martini
Transportation: The Cherry Train
Invitations: Megan Koehler
Bride’s Gown: Christos
Bride’s Sash: Amanda Judge “Carly”
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade
Bridesmaid Dresses: Lilly Pulitzer
Men’s Suits: Suit Supply
Getaway sign: Romantic Plant
Welcome Bags: Marco Promos
Toasting Flutes: Devine Lasting
Drink Straws: BonFortune
Guestbook Canvas: PaperRamma

*** Special thanks to my awesome Associate Photographer Melissa for braving the unseasonable cold, the rain, the ferry and the long drive and co-shooting this tremendous destination wedding with me!

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