Treehouse Engagement | Carolyn & Brendan


Jul 8, 2014

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Sometimes love comes at you fast.  Like, hold-on-to-the-seat, pray-for-your-life fast.  That’s how it was for Carolyn & Brendan.  They met, they clicked, fell head over heels, and two weeks later they were living together.  A hop, skip and a jump found them both falling in love with a charming little house with an awesome treehouse out back – a place they could grow into for sure.  So, when it came time for the next step, the whole process was surprisingly slow.  Brendan carefully placed the ring on a shelf in their living room.  It was a pretty obvious spot he thought to himself as he walked in and out of the room to evaluate.  She was sure to notice it right away.  It was even on the same wall as the television, so at the very least, when she snuggled into his shoulder that night watching their favorite show, it would be right there in front of her.  To his dismay, she didn’t notice.  Not that night, not the next night either.  On the third day, he checked to be sure the little sock monkey was still securely holding the ring.  Yes, there it was – catching the sunlight from the window.  So, he figured – this was kind of fun, let’s see how long this takes.   It was downright nerve-racking every moment they were in the house together knowing she could spot it at any time – and he would have to propose right then and there.  After a week, he couldn’t take it anymore.  He tied the ring to the collar of their puppy and released him to great Carolyn as she walked in from work.  She spotted the ring right away, and then Dozer took off – all over the house, refusing to be caught.  He thought it was a game, and Carolyn and Brendan found themselves on a chase, laughing and giggling until they finally collapsed in the living room.  Dozer came in for a kiss, and Brendan snagged the ring.  “So,” he said, catching his breath, “will you marry me?”.  


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