The one thing I would change on my wedding day

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Mar 23, 2017

Okay, well there are like 10 things I would tweak.  But there’s ONE thing that would have made a huge difference.  This one simple choice would have solved so much of our stress, and saved Hubby a lot of sweat too.

Wondering what it is?


I would have done a first look. 

Admittedly, it was *almost* ten years ago, and first looks weren’t really a “thing”.  But if we had done one – our day would have been so much smoother!

I had a big entrance planned (thanks to a childhood impression made by a cousin’s wedding).  A grand staircase, a trumpet, a long and dramatic veil…it was going to be epic.  And it was.  I remember that walk, gripping my dad’s arm, the smell of jasmine wafting up towards me, the big white flower arrangements, the smiling faces, the music swelling, my tears getting stuck in my veil.  And then there he was, waiting for me.  Anxious, nervous…hot.  (It was 80 degrees in May)  He smiled a look I will never forget.  But he was three feet away from me, and then our officiant started talking, and I was trying to take it all in, pay attention to the words, sneak a peek at my Mom.  There wasn’t a moment to connect with him.  The one I was there to marry.  Here we were – about to promise forever, and I hadn’t even said hello yet.

Imagine if we had done a first look.  We would have met hours before.  Connected and set the tone for the day where it belonged – on us and our love.  Walking down that staircase would have felt like a glide, because I would have been resuming what we had already started earlier in the day.  A continuing feeling.  The nervousness wouldn’t have been there. I wouldn’t have been fighting to hide my feelings because so many eyes were on me. Hubby wouldn’t have been sweating quite so hard because he would have felt that continuance too.  I’m confident I would have thought to hand off my bouquet and grab his hands even.  Which would have been awesome. (Oh, there’s so much you don’t think of!)

Don’t get me wrong.  I adore our wedding and all the memories that go with it.  But seeing over 300 other weddings play out through the last 10 years has shown me – there’s always room for improvement.

From a more practical side:

-We would have had our photos already accomplished too.  Which means I would have pictures with our grandmothers and my godfather – who all left quickly after the ceremony because of the heat.  Those people are gone now, and we can’t get those pictures back.  We all would have been less sweaty too, which can’t hurt.

-We could have felt relaxed instead of rushed afterwards (because….our day of coordinator started the ceremony 30 minutes late), knowing we didn’t need to run off for pictures with our wedding party.

-We would have been able to attend our own cocktail hour and party with our guests and dear family and friends.  We’ve heard so many stories of this time, but we didn’t get to experience it.

So there you have it – my #1 thing I would change.  If you are wondering if it takes away from that feeling of seeing your bride for the first time – the grooms included in this post are all seeing their brides for the second time that day – hours after a first look!


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  1. Cake Lady

    March 23rd, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    LOVE the advice Molly – and SO right on! I want to see pictures of you and your beautiful veil and staircase and trumpets!

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