The Good Light


Aug 16, 2018

“Let’s just do the whole wedding day right here.  Really.  The ceremony, the first dance – everything can happen in this corner.”


That’s what I said to my videographer friend Amy as we photographed Taylor getting ready.  It was luminous, and gorgeous, and just….everything.  It was a fortunate pocket of light in a beautiful space.  We seek these out everywhere we go, but sometimes they just are, and sometimes we have to rearrange all the furniture and the people to find them.  This time, it was just there.  The phenomenon repeated itself as we photographed Garth near a similar window in his getting ready room.

In the end, we didn’t shoot the whole day there.  But I thanked my lucky stars that we got a beautiful room with even better light for the start of their day.  The light makes all the difference.

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