South Shore Cultural Center Wedding | Nyree & Sean


May 13, 2019

A handful of months before their wedding day, Nyree lost her father tragically.   It’s the sort of core event that puts a permanent marker on your life.  The kind that can color everything after it a different shade.  How to have a happy wedding day when the one man you’ve loved your whole life is missing? Somehow though, the Assyrians have this figured out.  Their wedding day was joyous in every way possible, and any sadness was quickly accompanied by a smile.  There was family in every layer – the kind of family that is steeped into your being, the kind who walk into a room and make it easier to breathe by their simple presence.  They surrounded Nyree and Sean in tradition.  This wedding day was full of cheering, yelling, color, jingling coins, music, drums, smiles, candy, pastry, processions, balloons, dancing, hands to hold, words to hang on and so much love you couldn’t miss it.  It’s a marriage of two cultures, two families, and two people.  The kind of wedding day that’s a core event.  The kind that colors everything after it a different shade.

The Credits:
Planning & Design, Coordination: Morr Events
Floral: Milwaukee Flower Company
Reception Venue: South Shore Cultural Center
Bride’sGown: White Dress Bridal Boutique
Hair: David Style Hair Salon & Spa
Makeup: Emma’sMakeup
Bridesmaids: BHLDN
Cake: AllianceBakery

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