Chicago Engagement Session | Sora & Rob


Sep 15, 2015


She had always been a slippery one.  Hard to catch, even harder to keep contained. But that was what he loved about her too.  The way she was always onto the next thing, always pulling him along to try something new, see something amazing or experience a new adventure.  He had invented fake plans to be at the same bar as her five years ago, just to cement an “out of the office” relationship.  The scheme had worked, even if she had slipped out of the bar 30 minutes later.  Now he was furiously texting with her, trying to nail her down to a picnic so he could propose.  She wanted to go shopping and kept coming up with excuses.  He wasn’t going down without a fight though, and intervened so her shopping friend cancelled.  “Okay, I’ll be there in fifteen” read the text.  Yes!  He had won.  She was in the net!  A stop for mediterranean food, a drive to Northerly Island and now they were sitting on a blanket, enjoying some wine.  This was it, his chance.  Before he knew it he was on his knee and words were tumbling out. 

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