Snowy Engagement Shoot | Megan and Rob


Mar 12, 2014


It was an 80’s party.  Such a situation doesn’t really provide for the best look to put forward when approaching a girl.  He had chosen a classic warm-up suit, all neon and noisy fabric, gathered jacket bottom and all.  It seemed like a hilarious choice at the time.  His frat brothers certainly agreed.  But now, standing in front of her, he felt kind of sheepish.  She looked somehow even cooler in her Michael Bolton shirt than she usually did.  She had that air about her – that she knew who she was and wore it well.  She flashed a smile at him as her friend tugged on her arm to leave.  “You know, at some point you are either going to ask me out, or not.”  She raised an eyebrow.  He wondered if she knew about his crush on her.  He stumbled for words. She handed him a phone number, and she was gone.  Maybe the neon wasn’t a bad choice after all.  This was a challenge he would most definitely accept. 


Megan and Rob are easy.  Megan has that cool air about her described in the story, and Rob, a more careful and intentional energy that shows his love for Megan with each gesture.  It is one of those relationships where they so wonderfully fill the spaces the other one has that the fit is assumed.  They’ve adopted Madison as their home together intentionally, having moved here from North Carolina.  This fit is so great it is assumed too – they couldn’t have created a city more suited to them.  So, for their engagement session we hung out at their home, played a little cribbage and drank some beer, and hit their favorite dog park with Jasper.

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