Snow Engagement | Christina & Chris


Mar 19, 2014


We started this shoot where they started.  At a tiny little window-view table at Balzac.  Two nervous people, meeting their “match” from the internet.  She was sure people didn’t actually meet this way.  Two glasses of wine, a five hour date and a parking ticket later, Christina & Chris were cemented.  It turns out surprising Christina was a specialty of Chris’.  Just 18 months after they met, she found herself opening a gift each day of her ‘birthday week’.  The final day she discovered a box on the kitchen table.  She recognized it instantly – Tory Burch.  She was sure the shoes she had been pining for were inside.  She could wear them to dinner!  She excitedly opened the box.  No shoes.  But there was a tiny ring box inside….and he had bought the shoes too.  snowy_engagement_sessions-3 snowy_engagement_sessions-2 snowy_engagement_sessions_-snowy_engagement_sessions-snowy_engagement_sessions--2 snowy_engagement_sessions--snowy_engagement_sessions-4snowy_engagement_sessions_-2snowy_engagement_sessions-10 snowy_engagement_sessions-9 snowy_engagement_sessions-8 snowy_engagement_sessions-7 snowy_engagement_sessions-6 snowy_engagement_sessions-5 snowy_engagement_sessions--6 snowy_engagement_sessions--5 snowy_engagement_sessions--7 snowy_engagement_sessions--4 snowy_engagement_sessions--3 snowy_engagement_sessions_-7 snowy_engagement_sessions_-4 snowy_engagement_sessions_-6 snowy_engagement_sessions_-3

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