Snow Day Somethings….


Feb 1, 2011

So, yesterday was a bit of a blur and I totally failed to get Miscellaneous Monday up.  Since everyone here is preparing for the worst blizzard in 40 years, I’ll do a “snow day” edition.

The last restaurant my pal Jamie and I tried in our alphabet tour of Milwaukee restaurants was Il Mito.  This place has jumped to the top of my favorite Milwaukee restaurants list!  It is SO, SO good.  Seriously good.  The flavors are complex and yummy, and there are plenty of unexpected twists on classic Italian dishes.  Even on my current “24 day challenge” restrictions I was able to have an awesome meal.


I recently found out they offer catering.  If you are a foodie and want amazing food for your wedding – I would look seriously at Il Mito.

It was a Natalie Portman movie weekend – Hubby and I saw “No Strings Attached” and my pal Jamie and I saw “Black Swan”.  Both were great.  “No Strings Attached” was funny and smart, with lots of wit and it wasn’t your typical predictable romantic comedy.  “Black Swan” is stunning and there is no question that Portman has more than earned her Oscar.  It’s a bit scary – but I hate scary movies and I totally handled it, so not too bad.  Though, I will never look at nail scissors the same way again.


Hubby and I have been addicted to Scrabble lately.  We upgraded playing a game of traditional Scrabble balanced on our couch (while trying to keep Ringo from destroying the board) to sitting side by side playing against each other on our iPhones.  Though I think we need to invest in a dictionary to look up the words we make up that turn out to be real words.

I had dinner at Beans & Barley the other night with my pal Monica.  It was just okay in all honesty.  Though they did serve some amazing hummus and I’ve been craving it ever since.  I need to get up there again and buy whatever it is that they serve.  The stuff I bought at the grocery store yesterday just doesn’t compare.  I love that my new nutrition and workout routine has me craving healthy food.  If you have a favorite Hummus, please share!

Speaking of the nutrition and workout routine it’s still going fairly well.  I’ve stumbled a bit on the diet – it’s tough to be super strict for over three weeks.  But my stumbles have been small.  I’ve stepped up the working out a bit. Last week I wasn’t feeling the after-workout burn I usually do and so I figured I’ve gotten a bit slack on myself.  So this week I’m going to the Hales Corners location where the classes are a bit smaller and the trainers have been kicking my butt properly – so that’s good.  Sometimes you just have to change it up a bit. Next week is my 8 week mark of working out.  Tomorrow is the last day on my “24 day challenge”, which is the diet portion of what I’ve been doing.  I honestly can’t say whether it worked or not.  I’ve lost only 5 lbs, but I’m hoping that is because I’m putting on muscle as fast as I’m loosing fat.  One can hope, right?  I definately have inches loss, so I can’t wait to see how much at the 8 week evaluation.  I think I’ll be keeping up with the cleaner eating diet I’ve been doing on the challenge for the most part, but allowing some dairy and carbs back into my life.   But first, I’m having a pizza.

Hubby just got back from buying a bunch of Packer gear in prep for Sunday.  Even our nephew Ethan got some stuff.  He’s maintained mostly excitement for the game, and anxiety hasn’t set in yet.  If there weren’t a snowstorm of epic proportions about to hit this state, I think the news would be 100% Packer and Superbowl talk.  Seriously I was in the car yesterday listening to talk radio and they were all “Okay, the Packers have just touched down in Dallas – their plane is taxing to the gate.  Oh, I see the stair unit being prepped.”  Craziness, but exciting.

You can finally opt-out of the useless yellow pages.  I get so annoyed when it shows up at our house – who even uses them anymore?  Such a waste of trees.  Go to this link to stop your deliveries.  They don’t make it simple, but it’s worth it.

Have a great week – stay safe in the snow!

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  1. Erica

    February 1st, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    I’m glad to hear you liked Il Mito. I loved the one off of National years ago (cucumber martinis!) and have been wanting to try this location ever since. I’ll have to add it to our list.

  2. Amanda Felsman

    February 1st, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Hummus is so easy to make and the best stuff is when you add exactly what you want. Here is a good place to start: if you roast the garlic it is even better!

    Glad to know Il Mito is caters, Yum!

  3. Aliza Werner

    February 1st, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    Hummus = Sabra! Best brand…so smooth and creamy.
    Il Mito = A Werner fave…and luckily located a couple blocks away. Walkable equals extra points for some of the best food in Milwaukee!
    Get the “Words with Friends” app and play Nick. He’s addicted. 🙂

  4. admin

    February 2nd, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Amanda- good idea! It never occurred to me to make my own. Hmmm…

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