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Jan 7, 2014

Ice Flows_2

Last year at about this time, my lovely Associate Photographer Melissa was in town.  As is apt for us to do – we hatched a crazy adventure.  So one morning we got up at sunrise and hiked our way to a natural part of the Lake Michigan shore.  I had heard about the ice floes that form when the temps are cold enough.  It was about 6 degrees.  Nothing close to the record temperatures we have here right now, but still plenty cold.  The numb fingers, cold noses and shivering were totally worth it to see Lake Michigan frozen at sunrise.  There is so much beauty in winter, its a shame we spend our time trying to hide from it and often miss it. Ice Flows-

Ice Flows_ Ice Flows_3 Ice Flows_4 Ice Flows--_Ice Flows_5 Ice Flows_6 Ice Flows-3Ice Flows_7 Ice Flows_8 Ice Flows_18Ice Flows_11 Ice Flows_12 Ice Flows_13 Ice Flows_14 Ice Flows_20 Ice Flows--_2 Ice Flows-4Ice Flows_15Ice Flows_16 Ice Flows_17Ice Flows_10

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