Schlitz Audubon Wedding | Robyn & Paul


Mar 4, 2012

Schlitz Audubon Wedding

I love a good winter wedding.  When there is snow on the ground, you can’t beat the beauty of a Wisconsin wedding.  Or so I thought.  When I saw that snow and light at Schlitz Audubon among the wild nature of the lakefront: absolutely stunning.

Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1001 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1002 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1003 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1004 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1005 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1006 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1007 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1008 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1009 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1010 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1011

We left the cozy borders of Schlitz Audubon Center for the colorful confines of Congregation Shalom for the ketubah signing and wedding ceremony.Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1012 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1013 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1014 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1015

The ketubah signing, when done right, is such a special and momentous moment in a Jewish wedding ceremony.  There is so much beautiful meaning and tradition in this intimate ritual – it is a privilege to witness. Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1016 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1017 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1018 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1019 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1020 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1021 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1023 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1024 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1025 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1026 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1027 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1028 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1029 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1030

Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1022Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1031 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1032 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1033 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1034 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1035 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1036 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1037 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1038 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1039 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1040 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1041 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1042 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1043 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1044 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1045 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1046 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1047

Schlitz was alight with candleglow and warmth in the snowy surrounds for the reception:Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1048 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1049 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1050 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1051 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1052 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1053 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1054 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1055

Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1059Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1056 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1057 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1058 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1060 Schlitz_Audobon_Wedding_1061

Robyn & Paul – Yours was a wonderfully beautiful wedding day – in so many ways.  In the quiet way you love each other, in the snow and the sunlight playing together, in the tradition and history you celebrated.  It was a joy to be there to capture it all!  Thank you.



Ceremony Venue: Congregation Shalom

Reception Venue: Schlitz Audubon Center

Catering: Chef Jack

Florist: Impressions by Esther Fleming

Cake and Desserts: Simma’s Bakery, Milwaukee Cupcake Company, a family friend

Wedding Planner: Janice Rosenthal, Party Productions

DJ and Lighting: Sound by Design

Photobooth: Showtime Photobooths

Bride’s Gown: Gigi of Mequon private collection

Groom’s Suit: Michael Kors

Invitations: Robin’s Paperie




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