Schlitz Audubon Fall Wedding | Rachel & Hsienjan


Nov 25, 2017

Love conquers all.  That’s how the passage goes.  Rachel and Hsienjan set out to prove that from the moment they met, and on their wedding day too.  This couple is a hearty example of supporting your partner.  Hsienjan spends his days in Virginia studying law as an officer of the Army.  Rachel spends her days in the company of young people in Indiana, teaching music.  Each are dedicated to their careers and pursuits, and also to each other.  They weather that distance with an eye on the day they will come together.   It’s clear that their love lights the way.  Anyone who hears that story would have so many questions, so many “Yes, but….” statements to challenge them with.  But Rachel and Hsienjan just let it all slide off – they smile and beam and calmly assert that it doesn’t matter.  Their wedding day was much the same.  It was cold by the standards of fall – when we Midwesterners haven’t formed our thick winter blood yet.  Everyone was shivering and seeking shelter.  But Hsienjan and Rachel had dreamed of a ceremony in the woods, surrounded by the changing season.  And so they charged on with their non-stick selves.  Smiles on their faces, they would hear nothing of the cold, nothing of Plan B.  And so married in the woods they were – warmed by the hearts of their guests and the voices of Rachel’s children’s choir.  If you asked them about their wedding day – I would guarantee that the cold doesn’t even creep into the description.

The Credits:

Venue: Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
Floral: Wood Violet
Catering: Saz’s Catering
Cake: Simma’s Bakery
Invites: Minted
Dress: Mori Lee
Ceramic Favors: Made by a friend

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