Kohler Riverbend Wedding | Carey & RJ


Feb 12, 2014

Riverbend is special.  I relish each opportunity I am invited there for a wedding.  Hosting there gives the distinctive feel of a wedding “at home” – comfortable, cozy, convenient, yet with all the benefits of a full five-star staff and an impeccable estate.  Carey & R.J. really played on that “at home” feeling with so many of their details.  Tables were named after years their guests were married, with those same guests’ wedding photos framed in heirloom frames and scattered about.  A seating chart brought the whole group into focus over a timeline, and a guestbook highlighted each featured year.  Celebrating the marriages that had come before them, on which their own relationship would be built – it was an awesome theme.  The “at home” feeling continued with the inclusion of their beloved pup, Kirby present for all the festivities (and barking loudly at their pronouncement) and R.J.’s Dad’s infamous homemade caramels on each plate.  Oh yeah, and then there was that moment when Carey sat down at the living room baby grand, donned some Lady Gaga-esque glasses and sang to her new husband.  Pretty great.  You see, memorable things happen at Riverbend.
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The Details:
Wedding Stylist/Day of Coordinator:  Tailored Engagements
Ceremony Music: Peter D’Amore
Invites, menus, table numbers: Momental Designs
Programs, name cards, seating chart: Coqui Designs
Reception Band: Dirty Boogie
Bride’s Gown:   Ulla-Maija
Bridesmaid Dresses: Watters
Groom’s Suit: Custom Made (in Thailand!!)
Groomsmen Suits: Custom

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