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Sep 24, 2014

**This wedding was shot by my awesome associate photographer Melissa**quivey's_grove_wedding__2

Where to start with this gorgeous day?  I think with the ribbons.  Because really, when I saw these pictures it was the breeze and the ribbons that first captivated me.  (Every bouquet should have trailing ribbons!) This wedding is like a barely cool breeze on a warm summer day – the kind you tilt your head to take in, close your eyes to enjoy the sunshine on your face and take a deep breath of the sweet air.  That is this day.  Quivey’s Grove was a perfect host to this beautiful and laid-back day.  Ashley & Mike’s easy style translated so well into tables draped in greenery and speckled with candles, flowing grey bridesmaid dresses, gorgeous all white florals, the greenery chandeliers (hand-made by the bridal party!), vintage chalkboards, nods to their Wisconsin heritage (craft beers!) and little sprigs of lavender to gently scent the day.

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Ceremony Venue: Quivey’s Grove

Reception Venue: Quivey’s Grove

Florist: Mary Bilgo

Cake: Chris’ Confections

DJ: Celebrations

Makeup: Michelle Mraz

Bride’s Gown and Veil: Christos

Bridesmaid Dresses: Wtoo

Groom and Groomsmen’s Suits: Black by Vera Wang

Stationer: Little Ivy Design

Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden

Chalkboard Rentals: A La Crate

Coasters: Evermine


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