Pritzlaff Wedding | Nikki & John


Apr 28, 2016

Nikki and John’s wedding day will always be, at least in part, about the man who wasn’t there.  And also how he was.  Nikki’s father passed away unexpectedly last year, before John had formulated a plan for a proposal.  A few months later they were engaged and planning a wedding that was well suited to their calm and understated style.  Most newlyweds haven’t already weathered a tragedy and come out the other side dancing, smiling and more in love by their wedding day.  Nikki and John have – and what a foundation and clear perspective it has given them.  This is a real gift and the silver lining on such sadness.  All throughout their brief engagement – I watched them firmly and confidently choose what spoke to them and reject what didn’t, each time aligning the day with what mattered most.

Lest you think this day was melancholy – do not be fooled!  There was so much joy in this day, such deep appreciation for the simple joys of family, love, togetherness, and the power of one heck of a good party.  Meaningful moments and choices embodied each minute.  From the signed pendant hung on a string made from her Father’s shirt, to the cardinals tucked into bouquets and decorations, the accordion and bass players (friends of her late grandfather) at cocktails, the tears in the toasts, the unique glass sculpture unity ceremony, the dear friend officiating……and such fun – a dramatic dress, sparkly shoes, yummy desserts, cheeky little ones…..

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The Credits:

Ceremony Venue: Pritzlaff Galleria

Reception Venue: Pritzlaff 325 

Wedding Planner: Tailored Engagements

Florist: Marius Bell
DJ & Lighting: Sound By Design
Caterer: Lee John’s
Bride’s Gown: Maggie Soterro
Bridesmaid Dresses:  BHLDN
Groom’s Suit: Nordstrom
Stationer: Minted
Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade


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