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May 28, 2013



Normally, I would write a little story about Natalie & Brandon’s engagement, or how they met.  But I don’t think I can say it any better than this actual video of the moment.  You see, Natalie had toiled away for four years, leading up to the day she would open an envelope that held her professional fate.  It was match day, and she was about to find out what medical program had selected her.  Little did she know that someone else was looking to make a match too:

As whirlwind as that was, their wedding planning has matched and one-upped it.  Two months to put together a charming morning wedding at Madison’s Overture center…no problem!  Within the space of a handful of weeks, they will have gone from student to doctor, from boyfriend to fiancé, from Wisconsinites to Marylanders, and from fiancé to spouse.





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