Dec 10, 2010

I’m sorry I’ve left the blog flappin’ in the wind this week!

It’s been a crazy week getting pre-holiday orders in for last minute albums, shooting and editing boudoir shoots and completing print orders.  That, and meetings with new couples for 2011.  All of those tasks are small but numerous and before I knew it, we had woken up and it was Friday and I hadn’t blogged once.

Next week will be better.

Because every post is better with a picture, here’s one from an upcoming blog post on a trip I took in October to Barnsley Gardens in Georgia.   These are osage oranges, a totally alien fruit to this Wisconsinite.  But really fun looking, and from what I hear, they ward off spiders.

Because Hubby and I have developed this odd hobby of looking up things on Wikipedia, I had him look these up.  It turns out they are also called Horse’s Apples and Bodark (how’s that for an alien name?)  – check it out for yourself.

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