Morton Arboretum Engagement Session | Elise & Dan


Aug 17, 2017

Theirs is a story straight out of a movie script.  A concert with friends led to a kismet meeting between the two groups, and more so between Elise & Dan.  An after party at what they thought was a mutual friend’s house, turned out to be just random for them both.  And not just random, but also rather seedy and possibly dangerous.  Finding themselves surrounded by characters they could usually only imagine, conditions that were far below the acceptable nature of even the lowest of roach motels, and circumstances they could only see combining in disaster, they escaped.  They ran, they laughed, they survived.  At dawn they parted ways, grateful for a fresh new day.  The weeks that followed found them messaging back and forth about their shared experience that night.  It’s been said that stressful situations have a way of bringing people together.  It’s true, and though theirs might not have been a plane crash or something that dire, it did the job just the same.  Elise found there is no one she’d rather run away with than Dan.  And Dan found he would prefer to spend all his madcap nights, and the calm ones too, with Elise.


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