Sep 10, 2013

It’s the height of wedding season, everyone I know is hitting mid-season burnout, so really, who can keep track of what day of the week it is?  So, Miscellaneous Tuesday it is.


I have 100% given up on the weather reports.  They haven’t been reliable since early spring really.  And this last Saturday was the last straw.  In six years, I have never had a ceremony rained out, never had weather.com not be accurate on their hourly predictions.  Until Saturday.  10% chance it said for 11am, 12pm, 1pm.  Ashley and I didn’t even take the umbrellas out of the car.  We didn’t even glance at them.  10% in Wisconsin might as well be 0%.  And it was gorgeous, sunny, and warm…right up until Raechael and Matthew’s guests were sitting down.  That was when it started to sprinkle, and then pour.  Thunder, buckets of rain.  Their lovely outdoor ceremony on the Lake Park Grand Staircase had to be moved inside.  Everyone rolled with it – the Lake Park Bistro staff snapped into action, their officiant rearranged everything in the blink of an eye, and before we knew it, vows were being said right in the middle of the dining room.

The weather report was wrong, again.  As it has been over and over all Spring and Summer.  So, I’ve decided all reports, radars and predictions are now useless.

On the flip side, Raechael and Matthew learned a valuable lesson about marriage in their first minutes.

Hold on to each other, and you can weather any storm.

Boardwalk Empire is back.  Hubby could  not be more excited.  I love the show, but I could really do without all the violence.

In short, the 110th celebration for Harley-Davidson was great.  In length, it didn’t blow us away.  Maybe we are older and more jaded.  Maybe we weren’t drinking enough.  The concerts were great.  Awesome, totally amazing.  The organization was good.  The marketing was truly fantastic.  We just felt like the branding could have been stronger.  The summerfest grounds looked kind of sloppy and haphazard.  There were A LOT of missed opportunities to create experiences to further the brand, the lifestyle.  I’ll do a separate blog post about it all when I get arond to editing my pictures.  (Yeah, so in January)

I serendipitously got involved with Save the Eschweilers recently.  I’ve always loved those buildings, and many of you have had your engagement photos taken on the grounds surrounding them.  There is a group looking to rehab the buildings and turn them into a Forestry and Ecology school.  They were originally a school, so this is all too fitting.  I got the opportunity to meet the leader of the group, get a tour of one of the buildings and do some photography for them.  I’ll be doing more photography work for the cause in the coming weeks as well.  I’m not going to lie, getting full access to an “abondoned” buildling – kind of my dream.

If you want to help with the efforts, please check out their facebook page.  They have cleanup days every other Saturday.  And they need your support with the Wauwatosa Common Council in getting funding for the project.  You can send an email to all of the representatives, and show up for the meetings. I sent the emails out today – it took me 5 minutes.  Check it out and lend a hand!

Football season is upon us.  I have to admit, Baby Girl looks awfully cute in her Badgers and Packers gear.

Speaking of Baby Girl, I think we are ready for potty training. I’m going to give the three-day method a try first.  Keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

We have our own family photo session coming up in a couple of weeks.  Such experiences are good for me – to feel what it is like on the other side of the lens.  And, I’m terribly awkward in front of a camera, so it’s good to remember so many others feel that way too. But recording this part of our lives is important.  Not just for us, but for Baby Girl too.

The studio has been Busy.  Yes, the capitalized kind.  Fall engagement and family shoots are ramping up, the final push of wedding season, all of the summer weddings still to be edited, designed, distributed.  Oh yes, and the push to complete as many album designs before the holiday printing deadline as possible.  A good illustration?  I’m typing this from the car as Hubby drives me to Madison for a meeting.   Some days it feels like we have a handle on it all, others like we are just keeping up.  No matter, we soldier on!

I should get to blogging a few engagement shoots and weddings for your viewing pleasure.  Have a great week!



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