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Oct 2, 2012

Pretty excited about the Packer’s win this weekend.  The first half of the game I watched in the bar of the Hotel Metro with Kristen and Eric and their wedding guests.  Yes, Sunday’s wedding ended in a packer game….pretty awesome, right? Oh yeah, and this happened too:


We had a Brewer’s game last night.  I was really hoping these late-season tickets were going to pay off, but wouldn’t you know they get knocked out the wild card race the day before we have tickets?  Oh well, it was still fun.  Baby girl had a great time as usual, and fell asleep around the 7th inning, right after the sausage race.

Can you believe it is October already?  September went so fast!  The leaves seem to be in full color all of a sudden, and we are getting excited out 68 degree days.

You know, fall color didn’t impress me much growing up, or even in college I think.  Not for lack of example – I went to school on a truly beautiful natural campus.  But now I drive down the street and I’m in awe.  The colors really are incredible.  That this phenomenon happens.  The Ash tree in our front yard is my favorite – so full of a wide range of plums, reds, oranges.  A few trees in our backyard are so vibrantly yellow they seem lit from within.  I finally get what all the fuss is about with “fall color”.

We had our carpets cleaned last week.  As in, hired someone, big truck in the driveway – cleaned.  They feel soooo good!  And look almost new.  This will definitely be a annual appointment from now on.

One crazy part of my brain believes that I will get up at 6am to go to Maxwell Street Days in Cedarburg on Sunday before my wedding in Kohler that afternoon.  It’s not totally unreasonable…..except for the getting up at 6am part.

A lovely blog post about motherhood and staying grounded in what really matters can be read here.  It is brief, so take a moment and click over.  Thanks to former bride Abby for sharing it with me.

Well, that’s the contents of my brain at the moment.  Have a great week!

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