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Jul 31, 2012

So, our last week was spent at the Racine County Fair largely.  I’m still a Superintendent for them along with my Mom, so we run the Open Class Arts & Crafts competition. County Fair always has it’s share of crazy weather and this year was no exception.  We had 100 degree heat for judging on Monday, which made the hours of handling entries, attaching ribbons, completing paperwork and displaying items a bit challenging.  But, we are in a new building this year and that was exceptionally nice.

Of course, Hubby and I got out to the fair with Baby Girl twice, and she totally loved it.  We also got to spend one of those days with our nephews  – which meant mostly climbing in and out of the tractors with Ethan.  It is always such a treat to have real time with Hubby and the kiddos.

State Fair starts this week!  (Yes, we are all about fairs around here)  Hubby is helping out some friends of ours who run a big concessions business and The Micro there.  So, he’s in for a long 11 days of work.

I’m off to Charleston, SC this weekend for LoraAnn and Craig’s beautiful southern wedding at Boone Hall Plantation.  My pal Melissa is helping me shoot it.  Can’t wait for some southern hospitality and quality girl time.

As we were headed off to bed last night, Hubby pulled me outside to see the ah-mazing lighting storm going on.  Seriously, such a wonder to watch!  Just awesome to see the tall clouds stacked up and illuminated by the lightning in the dark evening sky.  Silent and beautiful. Did you see it?

My pal Monica shared this video with me.  It’s a hilarious comment on the whole over-photoshopping and airbrushing culture.  Check it out!

I’ve seen a resurgence of bow-ties at weddings lately.  And, I’m whole heartedly for it.  They can be stylish, upscale and quirky at the same time.  In my book, they need to be real bow-ties because clip on just isn’t the same (that goes for regular ties too).  However, I would break that rule for this totally cool and unique spin on the classic tradition: Brackish Bowties.

You might have noticed that I’m a little slow getting weddings onto the blog.  That’s because they take a really loooooonnnng time to put together.  But, I always post a fun sneak peek on my Facebook page.  That’s right – virtually no waiting!  You might have missed it last week when I posted some fabulous images from Ashlyn & Chris’ fantastic soiree. Go check it out!

Baby Girl is sitting on my lap and dying to say something, so here goes:

b nhbfvc xny70cx   kjln cc vn b3 6b              3r,,n b 21       e77ø[[7/¶yn446’4/”—6 i

If you’ve ever unleashed a baby on your keyboard before – you know I just spent ten minutes un-doing several random functions she managed to perform (and googling how to fix them).

Well, speaking of the babe, time to get her packed up so I can go take pictures of another babe.  Have a great week!

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