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Feb 8, 2016

Spent last Thursday night hanging out with the wedding vendor crowd at Cuvee Champagne Lounge.  I was honored to be a part of their Open House.  We met some wonderful new clients, photographed the fashion show and chatted up several of friends of the florist, baker, caterer and music variety.   Made a few new ones too!  It was just a really nice evening and I left feeling like I had been to a great cocktail party.


Tried out a new cookie recipe as a gift for a friend.  They are so delicious!  I shouldn’t be surprised since the recipe hails from The Pioneer Woman.  Now that I know it rocks, I’ll be working on decreasing the sugar content and keeping the flavor.  Let the honey substitution experiments begin.

Mini went to another class at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  These are a special treat, and we love them so. Right now she is at the age where we attend with her, so I can testify to how well done they are. Creative, engaging, organized and so well paced.  It’s clear the educational staff at the zoo have this down to a science, and the kids are the beneficiaries of that.  You should check them out if you have a munchkin!

I was cruising the Norstrom sale section lately and stumbled up on this gorgeous frock.  Please someone snatch this up.  Either as a rehearsal dinner dress, engagement session outfit, or maybe even for a sweet elopement?

Squeak is working hard at figuring out how to walk.  She basically can, she just needs the confidence to let go of her little walker.  I have to admit – holding her chubby little hands and watching her toddle about below me – some of my favorite moments.

I loved the Super Bowl half-time show (and so did the girls).  I know there has been some flack over Coldplay not being the right choice.  I’m a big fan, so I’m biased,  but I thought it was great.  And Beyonce – that girl knows how to leverage an appearance, that’s for sure.

Hubby started a new blog!  If you like craft beer, you should really check it out.  It’s brand-new but he has big plans for it.

Well, I better get started on Mini’s valentines for her first ever Valentine’s Day exchange.  Remember that?  Oh, so cute….


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