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Mar 21, 2016

Hello there!  Enjoying the crazy random early spring we are having?  Oh good.  Now, unpack all the winter stuff again, because in case you haven’t heard – we are getting inches of snow this week.  I’m not sure how to explain this to my tulips whom have prematurely emerged.  Ah, Wisconsin.

Speaking of Wisconsin – did you see that game last night?  Whoa.  I had to temper my excitement as I had a sleeping Squeak laying on my chest.  But what a cliffhanger.  And I still maintain that more than the excitement of our team winning is the joy in just witnessing them fully live the experience.  You can see they are just having the times of their lives and it makes you weep for joy for them.  Hubby found this great video shot by a fan sitting just behind the bench.

I pretty much never mention politics here on the blog.  And you won’t catch me saying who I’m voting for, but I have been doing plenty of reading on all the candidates.  This article was particularly thought provoking for me – and really examines a factor I hadn’t truly considered.  If you enjoy the discourse, it’s worth a click.

Some of you may know I’m a former animator.  So, when Mini asks for a movie night, I do get a tad excited about indulging in an animated film.  Recently she chose (all on her own) the film “Song of the Sea”.  It is gorgeous.  Drop dead gorgeous – from design, to music, to story, to characters, to character design, pacing, and pure magic.  Just an absolute masterpiece and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  We have also seen “The Secret of the Kells” which is another film by the same team – also just wonderful!

Mini was rather excited about St. Patrick’s day this year.  A few games at school gave her the idea to set a trap for a leprechaun.  She and Hubby devised a fairly clever one right outside her bedroom door.  Not wanting to leave her disappointed, I wrote a wee little note from “Sean the Leprechaun” and left her a bit of treasure too.  It’s always fun to take an opportunity for a little childhood magic when it arises.

Wedding season is about to kick off!  Oh yes, just like the early spring, we have an early-bird wedding this weekend.  I’m anxious and excited to see this one and get back into the groove a bit.

Squeak learned to walk!  We’ve known she can for some time, she just sort of refused to do it without support.  And then one day, she just walked all the way across the family room, and that was it – she was walking.  It has been so fun.  I just adore this age.

My Mother and I have a tradition of kicking off Spring with the Milwaukee Art Museum’s annual event, Art in Bloom.  This year’s installment did not disappoint.  A record number of creations, and scattered all throughout the newly renovated museum.  We made the mistake of eating first and then going to the Museum, which only left us with just over an hour to view it all – but we managed.  We had a few clear favorites and had to consider carefully our votes.  It’s always fun to see what my florist friends have come up with,  such a fun and inspirational event!  We did have one disappointment – the installations in the entrance were far from compelling – just kind of meh.

Just one picture of the girls this time.  There was that random day a few weeks ago where we still had a lot of snow, it was perfectly packy, and it was 36 degrees.  We took full advantage and stomped around in bear track shoes, made snow angels and of course, a snow princess.  Perfectly accessorized by Mini.  This was Squeak’s first real foray into snow, and she just kept giggling at it in her hands.  So fun!

girls snow-1000

Have a great week!


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