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Nov 30, 2015

It’s been awhile since we’ve grabbed a cup of hot cocoa and chatted.  So, with it almost being December and all, I figured, it’s time.  So much has happened this fall, it’s hard to even figure out where to start.  Bear with me…

Squeak turned one.  ONE!  People, this is crazy talk.  I feel like her first six months crawled by, and then the second six months were a mere blink really.  She’s still an absolute joy – just sunshine with spiky hair and a two-tooth smile.  She’s cruising along the couch, standing against anything that will hold still for a nano-second and this morning she conquered climbing up the full flight of stairs.  Oh how I love this age!
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I attended my first field trip as a “chaperone” with Mini.  I think her favorite part was riding on a real school  bus.  She was giddy over it!

Halloween was rainy, but a blast all the same.  Let’s start with the fact that I wasn’t in the hospital this year for it, and actually got to walk around the neighborhood with my kids.  I hardly noticed the rain and cold for the joy that I felt in the simplicity of just being there.  Mini was the Tooth Fairy and Squeak was a tooth (by request of Mini).  We carved pumpkins, and I told Mini I would carve whatever she drew.  Never one to let such a promise go by lightly – she threw down quite a challenge, but it was fun to create!


We went to Boo at the Zoo this year too.  It was cold, but fun.  We didn’t do costumes since they would be covered up by warm layers anyway.  But, it turns out the girls’ warm weather gear looks a bit like costumes.


(marked this photo with my copyright for safety, but I didn’t take it – it was the kiosk at the zoo)

I totally bought the cheesy Kiosk photo because, we are all looking at the camera, and that is harder to pull off than you would think!

Everyone asks if things are “winding down” in fall for me.  It’s the exact opposite. Fall is still chock full of weddings, and then we add on fall engagement shoots, re-energized wedding planning with new couples, family shoots in the foliage, albums that have to be ordered in time for the holidays, and on and on.  Be nice to your fellow photographer – they are pulling a lot of late nights.

There were so many gloriously warm fall days this year!  I took advantage of just one of them and went to one of my favorite spots in Milwaukee for some ZOMG fall color with the girls (and my sister and nephew, who aren’t pictured).  We took photos, hiked in the woods, collected sticks, pretended to go on a bear hunt, and ate a picnic lunch in a sea of leaves.  It was glorious, and a much needed break from fall craziness.

misc-1014 misc-1013 misc-1012 misc-1002

I finished off fall with a trip to Phoenix.  I went to help out my associate photographer Melissa with a wedding at the Four Seasons Scottsdale.  It was so beautiful, and 80 degrees felt downright delicious.  The rest of my trip was rainy and kind of cold, but we made the most of it.  If you want to see our adventures in Sedona, you have to check out my instagram account.

Next year is already over half full on the calendar for weddings!  I know the holidays are approaching, but the early bird gets the worm on this sort of thing.  We were part of the Overture Bridal Show a couple of weeks ago and met a bunch of awesome couples.  We’ve added several exciting couples and plans to the books already, I’m eager to see how the rest of the year will shape up.

Hubby and I carved out a rare evening on the couch and actually sat down and watched a movie.  We are sorely behind on such things – we haven’t even finished the latest season of House of Cards.  Our choice was “Pitch Perfect 2”.  Not bad.  Not amazing either.  Funny, but it felt like they were just cramming in as much music as they could, and then built the story around that.

We were quite successful with Thanksgiving celebrations this year.  Often, we have so many places to go that are so far flung, we are stressed and running all day.  This year though, two of our celebrations were within a mile of each other, and the timing worked out perfectly.  We made it to three parties, all perfectly timed and had a fun, relaxed time, even with two kiddos missing their naps.  Win!

Tomorrow is December first, and as Mini keeps reminding me, it will be time to start her advent calendar.  And with that, the quick slide into the Holidays.  I hope your ride is full of thrilling highs and loops, and at just the pace you like for the next month!  Catch you in 2016!



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