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Apr 20, 2015

It’s time to kick off wedding season in earnest….starting with Lisa & Jake this weekend at Whistling Straits!  My gear is tested and ready, and I can’t wait to document a wedding story!  It’s doubly nice to be starting the season off with one at one of my favorite venues.

If you are looking for an extra part-time job, and have an eye for fashion and an open ear, then you should check out the position open at Miss Ruby!  Erin and her staff are crazy nice, and I can only imagine, a dream to work with!

The truly lovely magazine Dainty Obsessions is also hiring!   They are looking for a sales manager.  I was lucky enough to be published in their beautiful tome once, and I was blown away by the gorgeous layouts, functional but beautiful design, and care and consideration Valerie puts into each issue.  I’m still wishing they included Wisconsin in their coverage so I could have my work featured again.

We took Mini to her very first movie-at-a-theater last week.  It was a stitch!  She enjoyed every second of the little adventure.  We chose the new version of “Cinderella”.  She insisted on a “cinderella bun” for her own hair before we left, and then ‘shushed’ us in the theater anytime we talked.  It was adorable!  The movie was fantastic by the way – utterly gorgeous in every way.  The production design and costume design are award contenders for sure.

Squeak has moved onto solids, which has been a fun adventure of peas, carrots and bananas so far.  Mostly all over us and her.  It is just a blast watching her discover new things.  Speaking of Squeak, I realized the other day that we never did an introductory blog post for her – so stay tuned for that tomorrow – long overdue!

Spring, Spring, Spring!  The little taste of warm weather last week was very nice.  Now if the trees would start to bud – we would be in business.   I’ve noticed the weeds in our yard are way ahead of schedule and growing, well, like weeds.  So, add that to the to-do list.  On a more positive note, the golf course is calling our names….

I stumbled on this TED talk about how mushrooms are going to save the world – it is totally fascinating, and well worth the 18 you’ll spend watching it.

I also found the series The Last Man on Earth on Hulu (it’s really on FOX).  The concept alone has me so thoroughly intrigued.  The show is sharp, funny and vivid too.

If you know photoshop, then you’ll find this video utterly hilarious.  Especially if you’ve been using it since the early days.

Have a great week!


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