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Feb 23, 2015

The Oscars!  Such a gorgeous show this year.  I have a special place in my heart for this night.  As a former filmmaker it’s like stepping back in time a bit to surround myself with all things filmmaking for a night.  I’ve even seen a few classmates’ projects nominated over the years.  Anyway, I thought the set design this year was particularly gorgeous.  Lots of wonderful speeches too, with several memorable moments.  And “Glory” seriously brought down the house – I can’t imagine what it was like in person.  Now, if only we had time to see all the nominated films…

Squeak will be four months old at the end of this week.  Someone hold my hormones, because I might just cry on that day.  I think I’m more acutely aware of her growing since she’s our second.  I know what a little girl she will quickly become, and I want to treasure her baby-ness.  I keep reminding myself that all of the first year is awesome and fun and full of discovery.

Mini has been her usual spunky self as well.  Her imagination never ceases to amaze us.  If you check out my instagram feed, you’ll get glimpses of this from time to time.  Like today when a lamb was on bed rest in my office.  Ha!

I’ve been truly endeavoring to finish the “clean-up” from last year lately.  There are so many unfinished projects due to all of the craziness that was my pregnancy.  It’s exhausting.  I’m so tired of it, but I also know it will gnaw at me forever if I don’t get each of those things finished.  It’s just who I am – I will always remember that card I never sent or something silly like that.  This week’s big project is the office space in our house – cleaning and reorganizing.  I’m also hoping to finally send thank you cards and pictures as well as a treat to the Labor & Delivery floors at Froedert, and to my OB.  Long overdue!

Our wonderfully good friends over at fresh design were named to Martha Stewart Wedding’s Top 62 Floral Designers today!  Like, for real.  They are the only Wisconsin team to make the list, and I’m so proud of them I could positively burst!  Sue and her team are seriously talented, and if you haven’t found a florist yet for your wedding – they should be among your first stops.

I had another great snow engagement shoot this past Saturday.  The weather was pleasantly mild, we had a fresh coat of powder, and Sarah and Nate couldn’t be more adorable.  I’m really loving these winter shoots this year.  I’ve had three so far and all have had great conditions.  The light is awesome, and the alternate landscape is wonderfully challenging for my creativity.  If you are still in need of your session this year (I’m talking to YOU 2015 couples!), I’d love to do a few more snow sessions!

I’ve been thoroughly addicted to HGTV the past few months.  Maybe it’s a late blooming nesting period, or maybe its all the time spent feeding Squeak.  Either way, both Hubby and I are in-love with Fixer Upper.  We will for sure be contracting them one day to make our dream house.  Such an eye for design and function!

A late-running client last week meant that I had a little extra time in the Third Ward to kill.  So, I finally checked out Lizzibeth, a new shop there I’ve been hearing about all over my Facebook feed.  It more than lives up to the hype.  A well edited collection of clothing and accessories at very decent prices.  And, the space is super cute and flooded with natural light.  Large dressing rooms, and a full kitchen make it the perfect place to rent for your shower, bachelorette or getting ready on the big day.  Check it out!

Hubby and I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a tour at Lakefront Brewery given by the brewmaster himself, Russ Klisch.  It was less humor and basic beer-making and far more business and advanced brewing, and completely fascinating.  The story of how these two brothers grew a hobby into a business that now brews over 50,000 barrels a year is really interesting.

Just 41 days left until Opening Day people!  It isn’t spring until the Brewers take the field.

I recently discovered Thred Up, and just sent my first “Clean Out Bag” off to them.  I’m interested to see how it goes as far as selling the clothes that have been gathering dust around here.

iphone pics are all we have time for today.  So here’s a quick set of us Michel girls, and Mini’s trip to the salon for a trim…


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