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Dec 29, 2014

To be honest, this is mostly going to be a reason to share cute photos of my girls over the holidays….

A matter of housekeeping first.  Since “baby girl” is no longer the baby girl around here, I’m changing her blog moniker to “mini” which is another name we use for her, and it is so apt – as she is truly a mini version of us both.  And, I’ll call our new baby girl Squeak – so named because that is what she did instead of crying when she first arrived (she has since learned to cry….loudly.).

My biggest take-away from this holiday season is gratefulness.  I could sit around all day snuggling with our new little one and just soak in that feeling.  We are so happy to have her here and our little family is feeling so wonderfully full.   I stare at her several times a day in complete wonder that she exists.


Of course, a two-month old’s appreciation of the holidays is rather limited.  But, we tried.  I think her favorite parts were Christmas music and the lights on the tree.

Speaking of lights – we took a family trip to Jellystone park to see their display.  It was a huge hit and we even managed to drive thru with our nephews too – they in one car, us in another – and enjoying it all together via FaceTime.

One of the best gifts I received this holiday wasn’t in a box and couldn’t be wrapped.  I opened the door on a Friday night and was shocked to see my good pal and Associate Photographer, Melissa standing there!  This was truly a huge surprise, as she hates coming here in the Winter.  I can’t even express how much it meant to me that she took on the time and expense to travel here to surprise me for the weekend.  The girl time was just what I needed.  And she got to meet Squeak, which we didn’t think was going to happen until June – my heart burst each time I saw them cuddling together on the couch.  We had a great time shopping, eating out, chatting until the wee hours and just hanging, and we were so sad to see her go.  Big thanks to Hubby for helping coordinate that gift! (somehow we failed to take pictures of any of this)

Squeak is getting so big – finally growing into some of her newborn clothes, and rapidly approaching the 8 lb mark. She’s been awake more and more since she passed her due date, and she’s been working on holding up her head really well.

christmas_mthreestudio-100 christmas_mthreestudio-121

Mini was so excited for Santa this year, and pegged her requests from him very early on.  She never wavered, and asked for her two favorite things – both of which she was super excited to open on Christmas morning and hasn’t stopped playing with since.

christmas_mthreestudio-105 christmas_mthreestudio-107

Squeak also got to meet her Aunt Jamie and cousin Baron over the holiday – another friend (and cousin coincidentally) who we were just bursting to see.



(yes, Mini is wearing a crown.  We spend most days in some form of “princess”)

There’s a lot of sisterly love around here lately.  One of the most popular questions we get is how Mini has handled a new sibling.  I can truly say the jealous moments have numbered two that I can recall.  Mostly she loves on her, calls her “my baby” and wants to include her in everything.  Please, please let this be how they always feel about each other.

christmas_mthreestudio-102 christmas_mthreestudio-103 christmas_mthreestudio-104


Only our kid would decide that Santa might get a tummy ache from all the cookies at all the other kid’s houses.  And so she decided he’d rather have carrots and apples from us (and just one cookie). Ha!


After a four month hiatus (thanks to bed rest and post-c-section recovery), I was so very excited to be back at shooting for real again at Lauren & Aaron’s wedding this past Saturday!  It felt so good to click away, play with light and find myself surrounded by emotion, story and joy.  Yeah, it was cold and windy, but I didn’t care.  Working the photography muscles again felt so good!  Click over to my Instagram account to get a little preview of the day and see all of the beautiful ways they incorporated the holiday without being too obvious about it.

Ringo’s birthday was just before Christmas.  Mini thought that deserved cake and ice cream.  So we whipped one up, though I’m not sure Ringo appreciated it as much as the toddler did.



Now that the holidays are over, it’s birthday season here.  We have 6 in the next few weeks, including mine, Hubby’s and the Mini’s.  No rest for the weary in this household!

These few pics describe our holiday pretty well – crazy, gut-busting laughter, non-stop antics by the Mini, and lots of snuggling:

christmas_mthreestudio-111 christmas_mthreestudio-112 christmas_mthreestudio-113 christmas_mthreestudio-119


We hope yours were just as awesome!  Catch you in the New Year!



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