Miscellaneous Monday


Jul 7, 2014

The Fourth.  It’s come and gone, yet again.  We survived.  Hubby survived.  He’s still catching up on his sleep though.  That will go on for another week before he’s back to normal.

Baby Girl had a great time with The Fourth.  She loved the parade – imitating the cheerleaders and dancing to the bands.  She thought the family party was great and got to play with all her cousins.  And, she got to spend the evening at the fireworks store with Hubby and all her “friends” (the workers there), which may have been her favorite part.  Here’s what our week looked like:


I’ve really been digging Kenny Chesney’s new song.  I wrote him off years ago when he started to churn out music that all sounded the same – song after song.  But “American Kids” is really great.

I found another great new (to me) band!  (Thank you iTunes Radio!)  They are called Jamestown Revival, and I’m very much loving their bluegrass-y feel.  The album on rotation right now for me is Utah, and it was recorded with just all of them playing together in a room – no headphones, no re-do of this section or that – just musicians doing what they do best and feeding off each other for a performance.  It shows, and it’s awesome.

Premium Outlets in Pleasant Prairie now has a Kate Spade store!  I’m a well versed addict to the brand, so this is pretty exciting.  Yes, I’ve already been and No, actually didn’t buy anything.  Shocking, I know!  Okay, well, I bought a phone cover, but not a purse – which is where the addiction really lies.

I’ve been burning through engagement sessions on the blog here lately.  Have you seen them?  Each one is an awesome story of two people, love and all their fun quirks.  Scroll down if you’ve missed them!

It looks like this fall will be chock-full of travel.   I have to say I’m not at all disappointed in this.  Trips to San Francisco, New York, Napa, Washington D.C. and of course, Door County  – all filling up the calendar.  If you are looking to have a session this fall and live in those areas – let me know so we can schedule it!

We are in search of a “big girl” bed for Baby Girl (guess that means she needs a new nickname).  I’m dreaming of a vintage wrought iron bed – maybe full or double size.  I’ve been scouring the flea markets, but if you see something, please let me know.  I saw the perfect one last year at the Elkhorn Flea Market – scrolly, turquoise/aqua paint, perfect patina.  But I didn’t buy it because we didn’t need it yet.  Now, I’m kicking myself as that’s what I’m looking for and I’ll never find it again.

I hope your holiday weekend was awesome!  Happy Monday!


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