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Jun 9, 2014

It’s been awhile. Let’s catch up!

So, So, SO excited that my pal and associate photographer, Melissa, is flying in on Wednesday!  The countdown has been on for a week around here.  We haven’t seen our “Aunt Mo” for about seven months, which is way too long!

We’ve been making fairly stead progress in the yard with all the nice days.  I have a small portion of the backyard jungle under control, which is a battle won, but certainly not a war.  I’ll soldier on with my pale green thumb.

Father’s Day is this weekend.  It’s Hubby’s busy time, but I’m hoping we can carve out an hour or two to celebrate with him regardless.

Baby Girl has developed a sudden and severe aversion to bugs.  Ants mostly, but all bugs get her screams.  We are working hard to get her over this.  Summer in Wisconsin + a home in a wooded area = lots of bugs.  We’ve been singing bug songs, reading bug stories and exposing her to them as much as possible.  It’s getting better, but not gone yet.

I found this awesome organic sunscreen via Food Babe.  I’m excited to give it a try!

Hubby’s fundraiser cookout went quite well.  It was a good time, raised funds, he got to light off a bunch of fireworks, and Baby Girl got to dance to the band.  All in all, goals met!

It seems like road construction completely surrounds me.  The only route out from our house that isn’t under construction (if I drive carefully) is between us and the Studio.  But then, once I get into the third ward – construction everywhere.  I know it was a rough winter and the roads badly need the attention – but this is getting as tiresome as the winter salt/buckling/snow.

Orange is the New Black is back on Netflix, which is good because I was running out of good tv for occupying my left brain while editing.  Now to pace myself.

The last few weeks have seen some awesome engagement shoots!  We’ve been all over – Kohler, Wollersheim Winery, and each time with gorgeous weather to accompany the fun couples!

I’m sure you’d prefer a blog post full of pictures, so I’m tying this one up here, so I can work on something more in that vein!  Have a great week!

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