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Mar 3, 2014

BIG THANKS to everyone who voted in the Best of 2013 contest.  We had a great turnout, and it was a blast to see the lead change hands so many times and the couples battle it out for first place.

It’s still winter.  Just in case any of you were wondering – though it seems no matter where you live in the U.S. right now, it is colder than usual.  For us Wisconsinites, we got a fresh layer of 4 inches this morning, and are expecting two more tonight.

I’ve always found it funny how much cheeseheads gripe about winter.  You live in Wisconsin – it is going to be cold for at least 4 months.  So, I don’t see the point in complaining until at least late March.  This year, everyone seems crankier than usual.


The great majority of my photographer friends are currently in Vegas for the annual WPPI conference.  It’s killing me not being there with them for the fun, new toys and of course the parties.  It was a necessary sacrifice this year to not go, but seeing their tweets and instagrams is biting a bit.  Miss you all!

Speaking of Instagram…..I finally got an Instagram account for m three studio!  If you want a true behind the scenes view of all that is weddings, photography, traveling, eating organic, and most everything else I am, follow me here!

That Instagram account is also the first place you can see a tiny glimpse of the brand new addition to the m three team.  My long-time assistant Ashley and her husband Eric gave birth yesterday.  I was blessed enough to be there to capture it all, and I can testify how deeply jealous I am of the utterly perfect birth experience they had, and the incredibly beautiful little man they welcomed.  I know she is my assistant, because she gave me gorgeous natural light for the whole experience – as only a good photo assistant would!  CONGRATULATIONS!

One of the big downs about this winter is how cold it has been.  Too cold to play outside.  So two weeks ago, when it was 40 degrees for one day, Hubby and I bundled Baby Girl up and got her outside for some snow time, and for some pictures.  I, of course, haven’t edited them all  yet, but here’s one to bring a little toddler sunshine to your day:



The Oscars were pretty fantastic.  Beautiful gowns, super funny host, great social media tie-ins, touching speeches and wonderful wins!  Don’t shoot me, but I totally don’t get the whole “Let it Go” obsession.  It’s a nice song to be sure, but why is it SO popular?  Maybe I need to see the movie.  And, Idina Menzel was totally amazing before her role in Frozen, but I guess you’d have to be a Wicked fan to know that.

I’ve been on an organic/local food/no chemicals sort of mission for a couple of years.  But I recently stepped up our game after discovering the site Food Babe (which is amazing!).  The amount of processing, chemicals, metals and other harmful ‘whatever’ in the food we eat every day is staggering and frightening.  There just isn’t any end to the depth of this.  Say you don’t want to eat GMOs.  Well, it’s not enough to stop with your cereal (for example), you also have to think about your butter (also for example).  Because likely it is made from milk made by a cow who has been fed grain full of GMOs.  So you are getting it that way.  Ugh.  Anyway, I found a great spreadable butter recipe that made me feel a whole lot better about this change.  Now onto the next thing in the fridge – our bread.

One of my former brides announced she is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.  She made this announcement with a pink mohawk (just before buzzing her hair off).  This is the typical pluck and quirkiness I have come to expect from Kara.  She has a great attitude, and has decided to focus her attention and energy towards doing good during her treatment, instead of fixating on that big “C” word.  If you have a few extra bills and would like to help her out, donate to her 5k team for Saved by  Whisker, and keep her motivated during treatment!

Big announcement coming on the blog this week!  If you follow me on Facebook, you likely have a good idea what it is!


Have a great week!

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