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Feb 17, 2014

Sick, sick, sick.  That is mostly what has been going on around here.  Sadly, for weeks.  First Baby Girl came down with the nasty cold going around.  We spent days woefully watching her suffer with a horrible cough and runny nose.   Finally one afternoon I listened to her sleep on her monitor without any coughing and I felt like rejoicing!  That is except, I was l already sick myself.   I suffered with it for several days and seemed to be coming around when we logically passed it on to Hubby, the Nanny and my Father.  They all got better, and then I got sick again!  I still haven’t figured out how to not spend every night in a coughing fit.  It’s awful.  Take your vitamin C people.

Being sick even kept me from seeing one of my best friends last week, and her kiddos.  Boo!

For those of you who read the blog from afar – it is snowing here again.  Hardly seems like news since it has been showing a couple of times a week at minimum all winter.  Usually a winter in Wisconsin includes at least one thaw where you loose all the accumulated snow and then get a fresh, new batch.  This winter we just keep heaping it on.  In truth, it’s gorgeous.  And if it has to be cold, then at least we should be beautifully blanketed in white fluffy stuff.  But my salt crusted car, the buckled roads, low salt reserves, mountains of plowed snow with no where left to put it, and the sure to come floods – those are things I could do without!

Baby Girl and I have been discussing a garden for this summer.  (why not discuss warmer times?)  I wanted to do one last year but I ran out of time and she was a bit young yet to really grasp it.  This year should be perfect though, and I can’t wait to spend my morning time with her growing, watering, planting and weeding.  I’m trying to decide if we should do a deck garden or figure out some way to fence in a portion of our backyard.  We have far too many critters roaming about to leave it all un-protected.

The Olympics are always fun to watch and follow, even if Team USA has had some less than stellar results.  Baby Girl totally freaked and got so excited the other night watching Slopestyle.  “He Falling!”  “He Jumping!”  It was adorable.

Baby Girl was in the newspaper (in my parents’ town).  She attended an event to get ready for a charity auction, and the reporter thought she was cute.  It is a pretty awesome little event – hand painted bowls are donated, and then you get to go and purchase one, filled with yummy soup.  All of the proceeds go to the Racine Food Bank and HALO.  Check it out!

I stumbled on this Tumblr recently, and it is pretty cool.  Smarter Every Day – just four minutes of your time, and you’ll learn something new, in a fun way!

I also got turned onto The Skimm.  The name is apt – they give you a “skim” of the previous day’s news, with a side of wit and a dose of snark.  It isn’t comprehensive, but it certainly leaves you better informed.  And it comes to your mailbox each morning.

So enough randomness…I do have some actual news.  This Friday we are launching the Best of 2014 contest! Details will follow, but get your voting fingers ready!
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