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Jan 13, 2014

Have you crawled out from the holiday slumber yet?  Things are feeling back in swing this week so let’s dive right in!

Because the holidays aren’t enough, it is also birthday central around here.  Between December 1st and January 30th, we have 16 birthdays between our family and friends.  Included in that are Ringo’s, Mine, Hubby’s and Baby Girl’s, as well as several other close family members.  So, it gets to be a bit of a marathon at this point.

I decided to start this next year out at the Milwaukee Art Museum with Baby Girl.  We went to see the Thomas Sully exhibit, which we both loved, and then wandered around the modern section.  Baby Girl loved the Kohl’s Art Education centers as well.  We had a lovely time together there, and it was a great way to start off another year.  Then, we got a babysitter and Hubby and I went out to dinner at Bacchus, one of our favorites.  It did not disappoint in the least.  We are still talking about the white truffle risotto.



Next up was Hubby’s birthday.  We did one of his favorite things and hung out at home, played with Baby Girl and took it easy.  Then, we went to see “Wolf of Wall Street”.  We figured it would be perfect on a Tuesday – the theater would be mostly empty and quiet.  Little did we know Tuesdays are $5 movies.  It was packed!  Our show was sold out, so we caught dinner first and went to a later one.  All in all, great movie!  Stunning performances, truly.  Leonardo DiCaprio never disappoints of course, but he really outdid himself with this one.

Just a few days later, it was time for our Baby Girl to turn two!  I guess I need to start calling her something other than Baby Girl now, as she is clearly a big girl.  She loves to dance so, so much.  So we threw her a dance party.  We transformed part of the studio into a dance club and invited a bunch of her little friends to come dance the afternoon away.  It was such a hit!  Well, I feel it was at least because she loved every nano-second of it.  The look on her face when we turned on the music and lights and she saw the decorations – ah, so worth it!  She cried when we had to go home.  Birthday success!

birthdays_mthreestudio-102 birthdays_mthreestudio-104


Tired yet?  Us too!  Two more birthdays to go though.  The first of which is today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my awesome associate photographer, Melissa!

I just started booking weddings for 2015.  Crazy right?  We still have a handful of dates available for 2014, with both Melissa and myself, but they are going fast.  So if you just got engaged or know someone who did – send them my way, pretty please!

I’ve been deep cleaning the office lately.  It’s a good new year activity – ridding myself of clutter.  Hubby and I are definitely “pilers” – we tend to let things pile up around us.  It actually drives me crazy, but when you are busy, you just don’t have time to deal with it and add to the piles some more.  So, getting rid of the piles!  One of the things I found; a “frame me” folder of pictures of us.  Add that to the to-do list for sure!

So thrilled Downton Abbey is back on!  Just love that show.  There are occasions where I watch it while working though, and suddenly my emails to clients get all proper.  Hopefully no one notices.

I still have 9 weddings from last year to get up on the blog.  NINE.  So, hold on to your seats, it’s going to be a wild ride the next couple of weeks here!

If anyone has any suggestions for things to do with kids (toddlers) during the winter, I have open ears!  Anything that burns off energy and isn’t terribly expensive would be extra awesome.  We do a healthy dose of the library and museums, but I’m sure there is other stuff out there I’m not aware of.

Alright, enough blah-blah-blah for this week.  I hope the new year is treating you well!



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