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Dec 16, 2013

We are delving straight into Holiday spirit around here!  We’ve been up to so much that makes this such a fun season.  Where shall I begin?

I guess the “holiday season” always starts with the Ultsch Family Cookie Day for me.  This is a tradition my grandparents started, and my Mother and Aunts and the rest of us ladies in the family have continued in their honor.  I remember so clearly, sitting at their kitchen table, conspiring with my grandpa to load cookies up with silver ball decorations, giggling, sneaking “rejects”, and watching my grandmother roll out batch after batch with her experienced hands.  I miss them dearly, but this one yearly tradition makes them feel closer somehow.  We all look forward to this day and we’ve really perfected our process.  We each took home at least a dozen each of 11 different varieties.  Half of them are already gone!

Baby Girl is definitely more aware of Christmas, Santa, snow, and all the trappings of the holidays this year.  So, we are trying to figure out what traditions we want to institute with her.  We started with putting up the tree (sans ornaments) while she slept one afternoon.  She woke up to see it all lit up, and was so excited to help decorate.  It was adorable.  She directed each ornament, telling us “up high” or “over here” with each one.


Baby Girl loves the idea of Santa, but actual in-the-flesh Santa?  Not so much.  She ran the other direction as fast as her little legs would carry her when we took her to the mall Santa a couple of weeks ago.  We made another approach the other night at Jellystone Campground, and that was far better.  We actually got a non-crying picture with Santa.  Of course, we were in it too for safety, but I’ll take it.  When she high-fived Santa and said “thank you” when we left, I felt victorious.

Speaking of Jellystone Campground, this is definitely another tradition we have started.  We took Baby Girl on a tour of their light display.  She LOVED it.  And so did we.  It’s quite well done, with a lot of effort, creativity and thought put into it.  The people that run the campground couldn’t be nicer either.  So worth it!

I’m pretty excited to see Baby Girl on Christmas morning.  I think we’ve done a good job not going too far over the top, and I know she will love all her presents.

I’m also starting to plan Baby Girl’s birthday party, as our little charmer turns 2 in less than a month!  So hard to believe.  I know all Moms say it goes too fast.  It really does.  I feel like we have soaked in our time with her, but it is always sad to know she’ll never be this fun toddler again, never be learning these new words again, never fit on my hip like this again, I could go on and on.  The other day I realized I hadn’t seen her use sign-language in months.  It makes sense, as she can speak in full sentences now – she has no use for it.  But it was sad to think I wouldn’t see her say “more” with her little hands anymore.

I got the first of my clients’ Holiday cards in the mail this weekend.  I LOVE seeing how you use your wedding or portrait images for your cards.  Please send one my way if you have made one – I will add it to the collection!

Hubby had a fun night last night.  I’m rather proud of myself for arranging it, as it was so up his alley.  He was a host on “Hey Mom, I’m on ‘KLH!”.  He got to pick an hour’s worth of music, sit in the studio and talk about his choices, give shout-outs, all of it.  It was really fun to watch him do it, and enjoy himself so much.  The DJ, Marla, was so kind and helpful, and Hubby had a great time commanding the radio for an hour.  Being the music buffs we are, the song selection took weeks, but I think he nailed it.  I took a ton of pics, and maybe I’ll do a full blog post on it later.  But here are a few to share for now:

MM_mthreestudio-103 MM_mthreestudio-104

Because she’s just so stinkin’ cute, here’s one more shot of Baby Girl.  This is her resting after “working” at Hubby’s desk, something she does regularly in imitation of us.  It’s adorable.


Have a great week!



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