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Nov 25, 2013

Somehow, someway, November is almost over, Thanksgiving is upon us, and it’s already snowing.  The slide from fall to winter is a steep one.

I find the stores opening up on Thanksgiving itself pretty disgusting.  When they started opening at Midnight a few years ago, I raised an eyebrow.  But this is ridiculous.  No one needs to buy stuff that badly.  It is consumerism, not capitalism.  Exactly why people find Americans gluttonous.  If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are part of the problem.  Yes, you staying home as one person isn’t going to change a corporation’s plans.  But what if everyone stood up for what they believed in and stayed home?  Here is a pretty good and amusing opinion piece on the subject.

I love a good tool or technique, especially when they save me time.  And, I’m a big fan of my garlic press for that reason.  You’ll never catch me painstakingly peeling a garlic clove.  But, this technique is totally awesome, and may change the way I cook with garlic.  Check it out!

Baby Girl never ceases to impress me.  One of the most enjoyable things is discovering what others have taught her.  The other day we were having lunch and she held up her sippy cup to clink it with mine and declared “Cheers!”.  Too funny.

The last wedding of the year is this weekend.  (insert cheering confetti and fireworks here) I’m really looking forward to a little winter wedding action and tying the year up in a big bow.  As an added bonus it’s a new venue for me this weekend – somehow weddings at the Wisconsin Club have thus far eluded me, and that comes to an end on Saturday!

This video of graffiti artists covering an entire warehouse in their art is mind-blowing.  Not only are their creations incredible, but the timing and planning that went into creating such an incredible piece of videography – I can’t even fathom it.  As a former film-maker myself, I know just how much went into this.  Worth a watch:

Two weeks ago I had the distinct honor of shooting a birth for a family where the Dad was stationed overseas in the Navy.  I will never forget watching Jon see his son for the first time (just minutes after his birth) over Skype.  I will never forget that moment.



I can’t really top that mention above, so have a great Thanksgiving!


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