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Oct 7, 2013

It rained on Saturday.  A lot.  And most everyone I know in the wedding world was freaking out.  Me?  I was driving to Kohler with a giant grin on my face, giddy with anticipation.  For one, I kind of love a good challenge like a rainy day brings.  For two, if you have to have a misty, foggy wedding day – there is no better place to have that than Whistling Straits.  It was like walking into a Jane Austen novel.  So, so gorgeous.  Yeah, it rained, and it caused some problems.  But the fog was so worth it in my book.  And, it certainly made for a memorable wedding day.  Jill & Jason and all their guests really embraced the circumstances and had fun with it.  Here’s a sneak preview, because I can’t just help but share at least one:


Congratulations Jill & Jason!!

August and September wedding dates for next year have been flying off the shelves lately.  It’s so fun to see 2014 shaping up with some great weddings.  There are weddings in Napa, Door County, Chicago, Madison, and of course Milwaukee in there – where else will we be headed?

I broke my “wedding day shoes” at Melissa and Eric’s wedding two weeks ago, so this last Saturday I had to break-in a new pair.  It didn’t go so well thanks to the rain.  I managed to rub off the skin right below my big toenail.  You’d be surprised how often that area touches your shoes.  Ouch!  Time for some shoe doctoring and a few band-aids.

There’s loads of good tv back on now, but I’ve been so busy that our DVR is overflowing.  Hubby is a bit annoyed I dare say.  But, this is busy season for me, so we’ll just have to take it bit by bit I guess.

A photography friend and her husband are searching for a baby to adopt.  They’ve made a sweet little website to help get the word out.  I feel for them so deeply – they’ve had six miscarriages, numerous tests and diagnosis and three failed adoptions so far.  The journey is long, but I know the victory is very, very sweet.  If you know of anyone seeking adoptive parents, please send them their way!

Both of my offices have been invaded by construction lately.  At home, we are having a roof leak fixed which means drywall replacement and such, right next to my dining-room-turned-office.  And, at the studio, a new Colectivo (Alterra) is going in right below my space.  Clearly the new coffee shop is the winner there.

The fall beauty has begun to set in.  I’m contemplating holding a portrait day.  Just  a bunch of 45 minute mini-sessions scheduled all in one day.  Would anyone be up for it?

I used to use wishpot.com to create holiday lists to share with those who ask for them.  But it’s been very buggy lately.  So I needed a new solution.  Did you know that you can add anything from any website to your amazon wish list?  It’s awesome.  You can even download a little app that sits right in your browser.  When you come across something someone would like (or that you would like, let’s be honest here), just hit the little button and a pop-up window adds it to your list.  I’m using this for creating all of our wishlists, but also for collecting ideas I see that I’d like to gift to others.  I love little things like this that make life easier and more efficient.

Random thought for today:  We really need a trip to Nashville.  It’s been way too long.

A friend and I tried the new Black Sheep recently.  I highly recommend.  Bunches of wine on tap to try, and some seriously great nibbles.

Many of you have asked – potty training with baby girl is going well.  She’s got the potty part pretty much down. The no. 2 part, not as much, but we will get there. Our home is peppered with stickers to show her accomplishments, and she’s loving her “big girl panties”.

Have a great week!


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  1. Emily says:

    Josh & I would be interested in a mini-session this fall. Maybe my sister can come along too. Let me know if you decide to set-up a day.

  2. Lindsay Carr says:

    Chances are, I will be busy the day you have mini sessions, but I would love to drag Hubby out for some anniversary pictures!

    P.S. Jealous that potty training is going well for you. Syd will be 3 in Dec. and we still don’t even have the potty part down yet. *sigh*

  3. Jamie says:

    We would love a mini session!

  4. Jamie says:

    Love the mini session idea 🙂

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