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Aug 19, 2013

First things first.  Crazy email discovery – Most of my responses to inquiries thru my website or blog are ending up in people’s spam folders!  AAacck!  I have spent hours on the phone following up with potential clients who didn’t see my responses in their spam folders.  So frustrating!  This seems to be largely a gmail problem – they recently changed their settings and configurations.  If you see tabs at the top that have different titles, one of them being “promotions”, they are pre-filtering your mail for you.  And, emails from people like me, are likely in that tab/folder.  If anyone has any solutions I can do on my end, please share!  I always respond to the emails and inquiries I get – if you haven’t heard from me, something is broken.

We’ve been crazy busy around here lately, but I feel like that is what I say every time I write one of these posts.

My pal and associate photographer, Melissa, was in town twice in the last few weeks.  One time to help me shoot a wedding on Washington Island in Door County, and then again 10 days later to shoot Maggie & Wes’s gorgeous lakeside wedding while I simultaneously shot Adriana & Ashish’s incredible Indian/Venezuelan wedding.  It was a fantastic weekend for m three studio.  Go team!

We always have a great time with Melissa in town, and this last visit was no exception.  Grilling out, cheese curds, State Fair, girl time, wine and a trip to Chicago rounded out her visit.

We took Baby Girl to her first official concert when Melissa and I attended Miranda Lambert at State Fair.  No surprise to anyone, she LOVED it!  She kept signing “more” at the end of each song, and her reactions to the lights and music were so fun to watch.

On a walk the other day, we discovered the most lovely park for pictures – wildflower fields, incredible light, amazing scenery, easy access – it has it all.  Last night I dolled up Baby Girl and took her there for a few 18 month pictures.  Just don’t tell anyone she’s actually already 19 months.  Oops!

I got addicted to “Orange is the New Black” a couple of weeks ago and binge-watched my way right thru it as I worked.  Netflix is really cranking out some amazing programming with these new series.  If you liked “Weeds”, you will love this show.

I kind of loved this speech by Ashton Kutcher.  I can’t believe I’m saying that, since I rarely take any celebrity seriously.  But, he had a good message.  And, a little shout out to my album designer who was there working in production for the show.

Two weeks ago I had a fantastic editorial shoot at Villa Terrace.  Seriously, it was positively magical.  Dusk, candlelight, olive branches, drapery, cafe lights, yummy food and romance.  Ah, I can’t wait to share it all!

This coming weekend we have two weddings to attend.  Yes, I actually get to be a guest.  We’ve actually been invited to a bunch this year, but these are the only two we both get to attend.  Though, one is in the Dells and one is in Kenosha – so we will be splitting up and representing separately.  Oh well – at least I get to boogie down with Baby Girl!

These pics are from a couple of months ago,  but like all personal pictures, it takes me months to get to editing and printing them.  These are from our trip at the end of May to Door County, when the orchards were blooming.  I love them, so I’m sharing them anyway.  And, I just had this outfit on her yesterday, and it’s much less a dress now, and more of a shirt.  How does that happen so fast?  (thanks to my pal Angie for letting us use her orchard!)

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