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Jul 8, 2013

Well, another “Fourth” has come and gone, and we’ve survived once again.  Hubby is sill recovering in the sleep department, and I imagine he won’t be feeling normal again for another week or so.

For a little added difficulty level this year, Baby Girl came down with a stomach bug a week ago that we are still fighting.  Poor thing has had the dreaded d for what seems like forever now, threw up on the way to the parade on the Fourth, has been running a fever, and even made a trip to the ER.  This is her first real illness (she’s only had two colds before) and it is so sad to see her sick and whimpering. On the plus side, we’ve gotten lots of cuddle time.

My latest editing companion has been the Showtime series The Tudors.  I’m a sucker for historical fiction and this series did not disappoint!  I loved the first few seasons, but the last one sort of felt like they were rushing the timeline along.  The king ages super fast without much mention to it, and the storyline sort of flies thru the last years of his life.  Other than that though, quite awesome.  And of course, it had me looking up the true biographies of his wives.

Baby Girl’s cuddling needs have led to a lot of HGTV lately, which has made me notice how much they call a Master Bathroom an “en suite”.  I just find this hilarious.  It’s such a fancy term and they make it sound like such a new and unusual feature.

I find myself totally and utterly addicted to the Snack Factory’s new Dark Chocolate Crunch Pretzel Crisps.  Divine.

Have you heard about Bavette yet?  It’s a butcher shop in the third ward (right next to Charley’s) that features all locally raised, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free meats.  They also make their own sausages and brats.  We’ve sampled a few of their offerings and it is FANTASTIC.  I was already into organic and local eating, and having this resource is just great.  I love that I get to talk to the person who actually does the butchering.  Check it out!

It took three tries to see some holiday fireworks in this house.  Our first attempt got totally fogged out – you couldn’t even see a glow from the fireworks.  Night two fell victim to Baby Girl’s illness.  Finally on Saturday I got to see the fireworks on Nagawicka Lake, thanks to the fact that I was shooting Morgan and Rich’s wedding at Seven Seas.  Congrats you two!  It was a great show.

July is always such a rush of activity.  The Fourth, and now so many weddings, baseball games and family celebrations. In two weeks we’ll be busy with County Fair and then plunge straight into State Fair and August.

Here’s a little recap of our holiday (and you can see how big the nephews are!).  I hope yours was awesome!

fourthofjuly_1 fourthofjuly_4 fourthofjuly

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