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Apr 22, 2013

The events of last week were jarring and so sad.  It’s disconcerting to know that such evil was walking among everyday life with no warning.  Boston is an amazing city, and no doubt will bounce back quickly.

These vintage photos of New York City recently released by the city’s Department of Records are so fascinating.  Take a browse!

Hubby and I went to see “Oz, the Great and Powerful” the other weekend.  It was great – very entertaining and a fun twist on the tale.  The obvious 3-D pandering was a bit much (we saw it in 2D, as we hate 3D), but otherwise all the creativity was really fun to watch.

Since Google Reader is closing down, I moved my blog reading over to Feedly.  I’m not a huge fan yet, but I’m adjusting.  I loved Google Reader.  Or maybe I was just used to it.  Time will tell….

I stumbled on the series “Call the Midwife” on Netflix.  It’s truly excellent!  And, you can watch the current season on pbs.org.  It’s filling the hole left by Downton Abbey for historical fiction.  Love!

Hubby and I watched “This is 40” the other night on ‘On Demand’.  Wow, talk about depressing.  We both said 3/4 of the way thru, “I thought this was supposed to be a comedy ?!?”.  I kept waiting for it to redeem itself.  I really liked those characters in “Knocked Up” after all, and there was a lot of potential in the setups the story had in place.  But it fell flat.  Disappointing.

It’s Earth Day today!  I’m no tree-hugger, but I do try to do my part to not be wasteful or damaging where I can. I told you the other week about my awesome shopping bags.  One other big way we make a difference is by not using disposable diapers.  When I was pregnant with baby girl, I just couldn’t fathom throwing that many diapers into a landfill.  We settled on gdiapers, which let us choose a cloth option or a flushable/biodegradeable option.  We love them, and they are cute to boot!

I began the latest battle in my war against our backyard jungle.  I spent three hours digging up daylilies yesterday.  Sadly, that’s only a small dent in the over-populous we have.  I’m hoping to get one hillside completed this week so that Hubby can put grass-seed down.  Reducing the amount of “flower (weed) beds” we have is step one in my battle to gain control over our yard.

It’s such a gorgeous day out today (if you are in this area).  Get out and enjoy it!  Because, you know it isn’t going to last…..

A quick dose of baby girl for your week.  This was an unexpected snap on Easter.  I was trying to get a shot of her licking the door (oh yes), but instead saw this.  Have a great week!


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