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Apr 8, 2013

The first Wisconsin wedding of the year was this last Saturday.  Big CONGRATS to Maureen and Brendan, who had a fabulous wedding day, despite the rain, with an emotional ceremony at Gesu and a sparkling reception at the Milwaukee Athletic Club.  Watch my facebook page for their sneak peek later today!

I have always preferred to bag my own groceries – I just like to have all my fridge items together, and the bagger always used way too many bags.  When grocery stores instituted the self-checkout I was thrilled.  Recently they’ve declared those lines for “15 items or less” only.  This so annoys me.  I have my own really cool grocery bags that fit my entire shopping haul in just two easy-to-lift bags.   My options now are either to try and explain how they work to the bagger (which doesn’t work), get dirty looks when I ask to bag my own or defy the rule and go thru the self check-out anyway (more dirty looks).  This so annoys me.

Incidentally, I have these great produce bags too.  Seriously, the plastic bags used at the grocery store are designed to last 500 years – such overkill and such a waste. It’s easy to keep these in my car and ready.

Three babies joined the m three studio world recently!  Congrats to Kristin & Matt on adorable little Mason, Ellen & Joe on sweet little John Thomas, and Jen & Shane on their baby girl, born just this morning!  I had the opportunity to meet little Mason last week for his newborn shoot – such a charmer.

We took baby girl to Opening Day with us this year.  We weren’t sure if that would be a great idea or not, but it turned out to be awesome.  She loved every second of it (she is, afterall, a seasoned Brewer’s fan already) and behaved beautifully.  And, it was a balmy 60 degrees in the stadium despite the freezing temps outside.  It was a great start to Baseball season with a dramatic Brewer’s win too.

I’m super, super excited to see the new version of The Great Gatsby.  It’s for sure one of my favorite novels.  Of course, I’ve been really excited about several movies in the last year or so, and I’ve seen maybe one of them.  ::sigh:: I guess that happens when you have kids.  We need a date night!

I just discovered that one of my favorite books to read Baby Girl is actually a series!  “My Name is not Isabella” is the story of an adventurous little girl with mighty big dreams.  It speaks to exactly how I was raised – that anything is possible, not in spite of being a woman, but because your gender is not a factor on the table.  Excited to add the other titles to her bookshelf.

The Harley 110th Celebration is this year.  Hubby and I have made it to the 100th (even with me on crutches) and the 105th and have had our tickets to this year’s party for months.  They announced the full concert lineup recently and it looks to be a mini-Summerfest.  Three of our favorites are performing – Kid Rock, Dierks Bentley and Shooter Jennings. We are so stoked!

Tax season, tax season.  When you own your own business, you tend to not file until the deadline, because there will always be a tax payment to me made, not money to be gained.  (And, let’s be honest with ourselves people, tax refunds are really just the government giving you back your own money)  The stress is high around here as Hubby feels the crunch of getting it all prepared.  Ugh.

Am I the only one that wasn’t bowled over by Justin Timberlake’s new album?  I wanted to love it.  I loved the last one.  Hopefully its one of those albums you need to listen to a few times and then it grows on you.  My first listen left me underwhelmed.

Have a great week!


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