Miscellaneous Monday


Mar 18, 2013

Jet Lag is no joke.  That is what I learned this last week.  Late night flights to and from Vegas, and then super early morning flights to and from Florida just 24 hours later, three time zones, one trade show, a fifty degree difference in temperatures, and one wedding.  All in four days.  Yesterday I was exhausted!  It was a whirlwind week, but also tremendously fun.

So, Hubby and I jetted off to Vegas for just 26 hours on Wednesday to attend the WPPI photographer’s trade show.  No classes and no parties this year – all business.  I needed to do some album research and check out a few other vendors for m three.  We managed to do that and catch lunch by the pool and soak up the sun for a bit before jetting home.  Hubby fit in some gambling too, of course.

Just a day after we got home, I was back at the airport and headed to Amelia Island, FL for a destination wedding with my pal Melissa. I was only gone 48 hours for that adventure, but I managed to almost eat my weight in shrimp and grits.  Hey, when in Rome….  The ceremony and reception at the Ritz Carlton were gorgeous, as was the weather!

I’m giving this cleaning method a try starting today.  The battle to keep our home in “guest ready” condition is a constant one.  My Mom has always managed this, and it’s how I grew up, but Hubby and I aren’t so good at it.  I’m hoping Darci’s sage advice might help!

Pinterest has a new look!  Have you noticed?  I’m kind of loving it.

I watched “To Rome with Love” on the plane.  I love a good Woody Allen movie, and this one was all light, laughter and fun.  Perfect plane movie.  And of course it left me jonesing for Rome.  Ah…..

That’s about all I’ve got today.  Enjoy the snow if you are in Wisco, and if not, enjoy your sunshine!


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